Murphies – Potatottaly Awesome!

If you didn't get it from the title, there are going to be a lot of potatoes in this post. The word 'Murph' comes from the Irish slang for potatoes. So a lot of the menu at Murphies, KP, is based around some interesting and quite imaginative recipes revolving around those little starchy balls of pleasure.... Continue Reading →

Rhubarb – Inspired Cuisine

Rhubarb is a charming little restaurant in Aundh on the ground floor of the Seasons Apartment Hotel. Fairly understated and simple from the outside buts packs a huge punch in the food department. No specific cuisine, no pretensions, no labels. Just a brilliant chef taking local ingredients and dishing out some wonderful dishes. The palate... Continue Reading →

Baan Tao – An Asian Odyssey

There are Asian restaurants that serve good food and then there are some that give you an out of the world experience. There are places that serve tasty but generic fare and some that really go out of their way to bring specialized ingredients and amazing concepts from far away lands and make sure they are... Continue Reading →

Effingut Brewerkz- Beer and Food Tasting!

I was invited by Food Prowl for a 'beer and food' tasting at Effingut Brewerkz in Baner. I would like to thank both Food Prowl as well as Effingut Brewerkz for the awesome afernoon! Effingut Brewerkz is a microbrewery in Pune based in Koregaon Park. They make specialized craft beers as well as serve some smashing food. They have just... Continue Reading →

The Munch Box – Food Tasting

I was invited for a food tasting by Food Prowl at The Munch Box in Kharadi. I would like to thank both Food Prowl as well as The Munch Box, for the wonderful lunch. The Munch Box is a lovely little cafe in Kharadi near Eon IT Park. It is a fun little place, with a very well thought out... Continue Reading →

Amazing Lunch at 212 Cafe

The 212 is a lovely little all day dining cafe at Phoenix mall, Viman Nagar. It has a beautiful European style decor with colourful chairs and very classy wood interior all over. One wall is entirely covered with egg crates and the number 212 is written with green and white plastic eggs! The kitchen is partially open to... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Goan Food-logue!

Goa is on the top of everybody's list of holiday destinations in India. It's mine too but not for the usual alcohol soaked and sand-rashed reasons. I go there for the food. Goan food has a special place in my heart. The spicy curries, fresh seafood, sinful pork sausages and now, the only source for... Continue Reading →

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