Nisargshala Camping, Velhe – A Photologue

Nisargshala Camping, Near Velhe. Date - 12th/13th May 2018 Camping is always refreshing, soul cleansing and fun. The sense of adventure, being wrapped up by nature and disconnect from the rest of the world does something to your spirit no posh hotel can match. Sleeping right on the earth (almost), under a clear starry sky,... Continue Reading →

RE Himalayan New Problems Emerge

We have discussed few teething problems for the Royal Enfield Himalayan in a previous article here - Royal Enfield Himalayan – Reports of Early Problems In this article we will be talking about more serious problems that have emerged in the last few months. Some cases of the entire engine head assembly being replaced, complete electrical failure, front... Continue Reading →

A Monsoon Goan Sojourn

Everybody has seen the sunny, beachy and crowded Goa drenched in cheap alcohol with sand lodged in various nooks and crannies. I have too at a time when staying up all night, bar hopping, loading up on a noxious cocktail of King's, Vinacola and Feni, then driving back home the very next day to face parents with... Continue Reading →

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