Monsoon Goan Food-logue!

Goa is on the top of everybody's list of holiday destinations in India. It's mine too but not for the usual alcohol soaked and sand-rashed reasons. I go there for the food. Goan food has a special place in my heart. The spicy curries, fresh seafood, sinful pork sausages and now, the only source for... Continue Reading →

A Monsoon Goan Sojourn

Everybody has seen the sunny, beachy and crowded Goa drenched in cheap alcohol with┬ásand lodged in┬ávarious nooks and crannies. I have too at a time when staying up all night, bar hopping, loading up on a noxious cocktail of King's, Vinacola and Feni, then driving back home the very next day to face parents with... Continue Reading →

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