Kondhwa Meaty Street Food Trail!

Kondhwa is an absolute haven for meat eaters and the glorious street food is almost incomparable to anywhere else in Pune. With my friend, Mandeep Bansal heading the assault, we hunted down multiple local spots and ended the night with a belly full of incredible meaty treats. And best part, the final amount we spent after all this food was a staggering Rs. 235 (per head)!! Can you beat that?

Check out my Video of the foodwalk!!


Alam Bhai Ke Kebab – Literally a thela, on the main Kondhwa road diagonally opposite Fakhri Hills. A lovely Rajesh Khanna-esque man standing with a huge tawa bubbling with hot oil, frying small meaty kebabs. Each plate for an astonishing amount of Rs. 15.

Two small buff kebabs, a pav, some onion, cucumber and a delicious tangy, spicy chutney topped with a wedge of lime. Crispy on the outside and super meaty and soft on the inside, so juicy and rich! I was expecting it to have a lot of besan or flour, but was surprised by the amazing soul satisfying meatiness, mesmerisingly pink on the inside. We each devoured at least 3 plates each!

Shawarma at Arabian Bites, Kausar Baug – This legendary place, unfortunately disappointed. The shawarma was quite flavourless, and even copious amounts of their chilli sauce could not salvage it. The chicken was super juicy and rich but rest of it was a dud. (I have had it before and it’s usually amazing. Bad day I guess.)

Chicken Al Fahm at Filli Bites, Kausar Baug – This was an unscheduled stop, but a worthy one. Super juicy charcoal grilled half chicken, mildly spiced but really flavourful and smokey. One of the best chicken I’ve had recently.

Chapli Kebab at Balkh, Kausar Baug – This is what we had primarily set off to eat. And man, it so lived up to our expectations. After seeing those juicy rich chapli kebabs that Mark Wiens (Youtuber) chomped down in Pakistan, we jumped at the opportunity to try them here.

Simple buff mince with a few herbs, spices and chillies, flattened out and then beautifully fried in a huge deep tawa. Crispy with a soft juicy centre, super rich and so soulful! We think, the original must be better, but this will very well make do! The accompanying tomato sauce was cooling, tangy and refreshing. The traditional Afghani Style bread they serve is amazing too!

Bismillah Bombay Seekh Paratha, Kausar Baug – Awesome place near Sharif Caterers, this place is a must try! We binged on juicy Buff Seekh Kebabs, soulful and tangy Dalcha Khana and ended with the spectacular Nalli Nihari. Apparently this is a Dilli style one, really rich with huge succulent buff pieces on bone, mild spices with ginger and chillies on top. A truely great curry and a must have here!

Top tip for Nalli Nihari – Ask them to add some extra oil from the top of the Curry! Adds an amazing richness and zing!

Desserts at Burhanpur Mawa Jalebi – Just a few steps away from Bombay Seekh Paratha, what an end to the meal! Super soft, bouncy, fresh and hot gulab jamuns and mawa jalebi with super creamy and rich rabdi. Not over sweet or abundance of toppings. Just perfect!

This is a food walk every meat lover in Pune should do. It will blow your socks off. None of these places are fancy, but all (except Alam Bhai’s cart) are fairly family friendly and decently hygenic. Alam bhai’s cart is by no means unhygenic or bad, but the location and setting can be daunting for some. But if possible, do try each and every of this stuff, you won’t regret it!

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