Tathya (The Mills, Pune) – The Perfect Family Food Destination

The Mills is probably one of my favourite places right now. Just the variety and quality of restaurants is incredible. Tathya is the perfect addition to the already impressive list by being the only dedicated Indian – Moghlai restaurant there. Combined with the beautiful classy ambiance, soft music and chill vibes, it makes it the perfect place for families and especially people from our parents generation.

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We started off with the Karari Rumali Roti. Super thin, crisp topped with onions, tomatoes, coriander and sev. It’s just great to munch on along with your drinks till the food arrives. Speaking of drinks, I had the Hot Toddy, which was amazingly refreshing, soothing and warming. All the spices with the hint of alcohol was just so comforting. We also had the Anaar Cooler which was sweet, tangy and refreshing.


The Tamatar Nariyal Shorba was so good! Mildly spiced, the richness and nuttiness from coconut was really heartwarming. The Narangi Shorba was an orange based soup, but it was too sweet. The overall tanginess and hint of spice would have tasted nice if it was less sweet, but this was thumbs down for me.

Narangi Soup / Tamatar Nariyal Soup


I was surprised with how good the vegetarian starters were. I loved the Badami Subz Seekh Kabab. This vibrant coloured kabab had a coarse mince of beet and other vegetables, perfectly spiced and tandoored with loads of almonds and nuts. The taste was just brilliant with great crunchy and soft texture.

The Zaffrani Paneer Tikka too was amazing. Soft perfectly tandoored paneer with saffron, spices and topped with olives.

The Galouti Kabab was superb. Soft and super finely minced lamb, with amazing mild spices, very well cooked. The soft buttery Shreemal naan too was amazing. It was served with saffron sauce which was nice too but nothing beats the classic green chutney – onion combination.


Pindi chole is my mom’s favourite dish and we had to try it. It was quite nice with earthy and well spiced curry and soft chole. But it lacked a bit in salt and had sort of a – not so pleasant – smokey taste. It was in no way bad, but not the best I’ve had.

The Shahi Subz Handi was just incredible. So rich, creamy and loaded with fresh vegetables and nuts. It was a really satisfying and hearty curry and in spite of the lack of meat, left me quite satisfied.

The Butter Roti and especially the crispy flaky Laccha Paratha were perfect accompaniments.


The Kulfi Falooda was quite decent. The kulfi was superb in quality and the sauce was amazing. But the sabja seeds and sev (or noodles) were frozen and thin, also quite low in quantity. It wasn’t totally disappointing but it wasn’t excellent either. Has the potential to be much better.


Tathya is a very classy and amazing place to visit with friends and family. Great place to chill and have a great conversation without loud disturbing music, with good service and food. Some dishes definitely need improving, though.

Also, due to the sheer quality of restaurants around it and the fairly high pricing, Tathya left me wanting for more. Though, there’s nothing wrong with the food, it didn’t feel as exceptional and special as it should have been.

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