Authentic Homemade Bhori Thal, At Your Own Home! – Delicious Food & Caterers, Camp

Authentic Homemade Bhori Thal, At Your Own Home! – Delicious Food & Caterers, Camp. (Delivery Only. Contact – 9112425253)

We have all heard a lot about the wonders of the Bhori thaal and there are a few restaurants that serve it in Pune as well. But, the magic of Delicious Food & Caterers is that they will serve a whole thaal for you in the comfort of your own home. They will bring the food, utensils, plates, heating equipment as well as a server to you and even clean up after you’re done. The Thaal too is completely customizable or you can order just a few dishes, ala carte.

Bhori Thaal
Bhori Thaal

Started by a young – 20 something guy – with a passion for food, with his family recipes and traditions in tow, he hopes to bring the same experience to your home. The thaal will feature 1 sweet dish, 2 starters and 1 main dish, with the meal ending with fruits and paan. All this for just Rs. 6000 and will easily feed 6-8 people. Which is fantastic value for money, especially considering the home delivery as well as service.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their home to taste all the food and what struck me the most is how different their food was from any restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. Very subtle mild spices, extremely beautifully slow-cooked meat and rich soulful food.


MITHAS (Sweet)

You always start a Bhori meal with desserts and you have 3 to choose from. Shahi Shirkhurma is creamy and infused with saffron, which makes it quite different from the normal one I’ve had before. So good.

The Bhori Malido is like a rich sheera, with loads of ghee and dry fruits, low on sweetness, served with dahi. Puranpoli is thinner than the Maharashtrian version, less sweet and served with creamy saffron flavoured Basundi, full of dry fruits.

Really different stuff to what I’ve ever had, and so good, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one to choose!

KHARAS (Starters)

Well, we were circling like hawks on the 2 types of Raan! The Red Sauce one was subtly spicy and the Afghani Raan in Kaju Sauce was super creamy and had a distinct black pepper and garlic flavour. Just so tasty! And the meat!! It is slow cooked to perfection, first they boil it in milk, then roast it on charcoal and then layer on the sauce. So the meat is succulent and fall off the bone! It’s so juicy, flavourful, meaty and fatty. Just incredible. My pick definitely would be the Afghani Kaju sauce version.

Mutton Gardan (Neck) in Red Sauce was another amazing dish. Whole mutton neck slow cooked just like the Raan. The musculature and taste as well as the fat to meat ratio is different and the meat is so tender! Really different and delicious, I don’t think you could find something like this anywhere else.

Mutton Gardan in Red Sauce
Mutton Gardan in Red Sauce

Smoked Mutton Pattice and Samosa were crispy with juicy mildly spiced minced meat and peas on the inside, great snacks. Fried Mutton Chops were delicious. The Chicken Seekh Kabab was especially nice, soft with subtle spices perfect with a squeeze of lime and mint.

JAMAN (Mains)

These curries were some of the most soulful, heartwarming and homely I’ve ever had!

Khichdo & Mundi Soup – You’ve heard of Bhori Khichda but this was something totally on another level. Creamy, milk based, less thick, extremely mild, with flavour of saffron and mild spices and juicy pieces of mutton topped with caramelised fried onions! And the soup too was so creamy, milky and delicious. This is something you have to try!

Khichdo & Mundi Soup
Khichdo & Mundi Soup

Malvi Ghosh is a mutton curry, eaten with a special thick naan called Gakhar. The curry is exceptionally heartwarming and I could frankly eat it everyday! So rich, simple and meaty. The Paya was another incredible one. Similar curry but with the juicy, succulent, fatty and gelatinous trotters. So insanely delicious and soulful. Paya was served with rice Khichdi.

The Mutton Kari Chawal was really nice too. The Authentic Bhori Dal Chawal Palidu was very interesting. A purely vegetarian dal with drumstick and few other vegetables. Really simple and hearty simple dal chawal.

We ended the meal with some fruit and paan. Perfect way to soothe the stomach after the heavy and rich meal!


I think this Bhori Thaal is something everyone has to try at least once. Delicious Food & Caterers do an amazing job with the taste, simple home style cooking, variety and service. The cost too is very reasonable considering all the food and service they provide. It is just perfect for family get togethers or when your friends are over. A fun meal and eating in the same thaal is a great bonding experience. But if you’re not comfortable with a single thaal, they will even serve you in separate plates, so nothing to worry about. They even have a chicken only and veg only version!

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