Oktoberfest – Double Tree by Hilton (Chinchwad) – Authentic German Fare and Beer!

Oktoberfest is here and has left half the foodies in the biggest conundrum. Navratri and Oktoberfest clashing and no one knows what to do. If you think about it, there are highly interesting long stick like things that are the main attraction for both. I say, hält, and proceed with schnëll for some great biër and food at Double Tree by Hilton. What’s the Würst that could happen?

The outdoor section of their restaurant, 3 Spices, has been converted into mini Bavaria, with traditional white and blue flags and staff wearing traditional German attire. The German songs adding to the whole atmosphere.

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They have gone to great lengths to acquire very authentic sausages for the festival, imported directly from Germany and served with traditional sides like mustard, sauerkraut and mashed peas. They have Bira Blond and White on tap to go along with it, but I would have loved if they would have kept some German beer or fresh brewed beer from any of the local Pune breweries.

We started of with some in-house baked Pretzels. Incredibly tasty and perfect complement to the beer. The salt crystals and the soft but slightly chewy texture was just perfect. Along with the garlic sauce and salad, made it the perfect starter.

I had the Pork Version of the sausage platter. One Bratwurst and a Chipolate Sausage with sides. They are first cooked in boiling water with spices like clove and rosemary then grilled on charcoal. This makes the sausages super juicy and slightly smoky on the outside. The flavours are very subtle and has none of that overly cured / salty / smoky taste that some sausages have. So you can have a couple of these huge sausages without any issue! I absolutely loved it!

There was some intense unsalted course mustard on the side (to balance out the slight saltiness of the sausage. I would have liked it salted, though). The Sauerkraut was incredible! Marinated in in-house brewed cider with loads of cloves. It had an amazing flavour and was the perfect accompaniment. The German style fried potato was amazing too.

There are Chicken Sausages available too and I tried the Numberg Sausage, which too was delicious. Again, subtle and really tasty.


Overall I had a great time, the atmosphere and food was just great. It was a privilege to meet Chef Balajee Srinivasan, and his knowledge and stories kept us entertained and inspired.

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