Sky High The Club, Kharadi – Fun Party Rooftop Restaurant

After Baner and Viman Nagar, Kharadi has become the hot spot for restaurants and clubs in the recent past. Sky High – The Club is one of the new entrants trying to make a mark. It is an absolutely beautiful and impressively huge place with a funky, fun interior, large open air section as well as a huge dance floor. Loads of artsy wall murals, a steam punk inspired copper coloured bar and a great vibe. I visited during the day and I can be sure, this place is going to be even more “lit” as the sun goes down!

But with positives come a few negatives as well. We faced parking, management and service issues during our visit and I will talk about them in detail at the end of the post. But I really hope they iron out the issues because overall the place, food and drinks are quite good.


We ordered mocktails which were really nice, the cocktails look really interesting too. My favourites were the Kiwi Cooler, Shirley Temple and Pina Colada. The ginger ale based Shirley Temple being the best with an amazing hit of raw ginger. Couple of other drinks were average.



Mushroom Stuffed With Briami was delicious, the peppery intense tomato sauce was really amazing. The Spicy Quinoa Tikki, doesn’t sound very appetizing, but it was fantastic. Creamy, slightly earthy and smoky tikkis, with an amazing soft texture and subtly spicy flavour. It’s a must have. The accompanying beetroot sauce was amazing as well.

Wine Poached Pear Salad was another winner. Beautifully soft pear, feta cheese, candied walnut and lettuce. Amazing combination, multitude of textures and very refreshing. Paneer Pepper Parsley Kabab was delicious too. Soft paneer with a herby marinade, wonderfully smoked and charred in the tandoor. But could do with a bolder flavour of parsley and pepper.

The Assorted Bruschetta was cheesy and tasty with fresh vegetables. The Meza Platter was nice, but it wasn’t really a platter, just pita and hummus. The should have included pickled salad / falafel etc. Anyway, the hummus was quite good, the pita was very thick, but no complaints in the taste department.

The Spicy Sticky Chestnuts was amazing as well. The Piri Piri Fries were low on salt, but flavour was great.


Seafood Laksa Ma Soup – This was delicious. The classic Malaysian flavours and spices were singing through, it was intense and soul satisfying. I especially loved it as it had loads of seafood and noodles as well, how it should be. It was on the spicier side, but I didn’t mind.

Seafood Laksa
Seafood Laksa Soup
Prawn Tempura was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and absolutely delicious.

Chicken Parmesan was a dud. Chicken was well cooked, but it was totally devoid of flavour, had no taste of parmesan cheese and was under seasoned.


Chicken Khow Suey – This Burmese coconut based curry was quite good. Heaps of flavour, though it was quite spicy and rather similar to the Laksa. It didn’t have the mild soothing coconuty taste one has come to expect. But still a good curry.

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken Sizzler – Very unique, unlike the typical one’s we’re used to. The chicken was wonderfully cooked and the spinach – ricotta stuffing was subtle and delicious. The peppery mushroom white sauce was quite nice. The accompanying rice and sauteed vegetables were amazing too.

Smoked Chicken Burger was soft, super juicy and with the fried egg, the taste was quite good. But it wasn’t really smoky and could have done with more punch of flavour.

Chicken Sizzler



The Sizzling Brownie was decent. Loads of theatre with the flaming whiskey shenanigans and all. It imparted a hint of whiskey flavour to the brownie too, which was nice, but wouldn’t count it as the best I’ve ever had.


  1. Parking is a major issue. Even with barely 10% of the tables occupied, no parking was available. The security guards are totally clueless about it too and made us drive around the building twice. No parking available on the road outside as well, so definitely don’t take your own vehicle while going there.
  2. Service was quite slow, again considering barely 10% of the restaurant was occupied. Drinks and few dishes arrived quite late. The kicker was, we waited for almost 45 minutes for a pizza and were assured twice it would arrive soon, ultimately to be told Pizzas weren’t available at the time.
  3. Worst part is the attitude of the management to feedback was very poor.

Such major management issues and inconsistencies put bit of a dampener on the experience. There a multitude of spelling mistakes in the menu as well. They really need to fix all these issues.


Overall the place has potential. Very beautiful, spacious and I would love to party there sometime. The food was pretty good overall, barring a few dishes. But they have to get on top of the management and service aspect. It’s definitely not bad at all, but it isn’t flawless for sure.

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