Levit8, Aundh – Amazing Resto-Lounge with great Drinks and Food!

Levit8 is a legit awesome, impressive and fun place in NIBM. You can find my review here – Levit8, NIBM – Rooftop Excellence!. They have now opened a new branch in Aundh in the Chroma building. Unfortunately it’s not a huge and impressive as the NIBM one. It’s smaller and seems slightly unfinished and definitely not as swanky. This also may be due to the rooftop being closed off due to rains.

It nevertheless feels like a great place to hang out, watch sports and have some great chow and booze. I absolutely loved the drinks and food here so no complaints there. There was a live DJ playing too, even though it was a weekday, and he was absolutely killing it! Loved the music.


I had the Rose Mary Marlo! I too almost burst out laughing as I ordered the mocktail, as I didn’t read the name I just read the ingredients and decided to order it. It was really nice, with lime and oodles of basil and rosmary. So fragrant, delicious and refreshing.

What The Fig is a vodka based cocktail. Wonderfully fruity and tasty. Potent too but not harsh at all on the palate. I could easily have a couple of these and I’m not even a heavy drinker.


Jerked Chicken Tikka was superb! Tangy, slightly herby and spicy marinade, perfectly tandoored juicy chicken. So delicious.

Bhut ke Jhinge blew me away! Literally! So spicy and such an amazing hit due to Bhut Jolokia Chilis. But super delicious and flavourful at the same time! This is a must try.

Gong Bao Mushrooms were medium spicy and really nice, full of garlic, chili and soy flavour.

Red Chili Lamb was another delightful starter. Juicy, slightly crispy strips of lamb in a tangy, spicy chili sauce. Superb!

(I had asked for smaller portions so some of the actual dishes will have slightly more quantity than the photos)


I had loved the pizzas at Levit8 NIBM and I was craving some badly, so I ordered Gaucho Chicken Pizza. Really nice thin crisp crust, loads of cheese, tangy tomato sauce, topped with chimichurri, grilled chicken, corn and jalapenos. Really simple and nice pizza after all the spicy starters.

Levit8 Aundh Pune Gaucho Chicken Pizza
Gaucho Chicken Pizza

Murgh Rahra was a delicious North Indian curry, moderately spiced, juicy chicken chunks with chicken kheema as well! Perfect for this rainy season. So hearty and soul satisfying. I had it with Stuffed Amritsari Kulcha which was buttery and hearty.


Levit8, Aundh is a place with great drinks and food but the ambiance does need a bit of nip and tuck, which is surprising given it’s a new place. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a great group outing or partying away all night. It also seems like a great place for arranging group parties or corporate parties, especially in the enclosed lounge area with a DJ and stuff.

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