Go Biryan – Delicious Biryani Delivery!

Go Biryan is a pretty popular Biryani Delivery brand from Mumbai, making headway into Pune. I recently tasted 3 of their biryanis and had a pretty good experience. I ordered Murgh Afghani, Butter Chicken and Lamb Biryani. Each one had a distinct taste and was really tasty.

Murgh Afghani Biryani

It had wonderful mild, creamy chicken, finished in a tandoor with mildly flavoured rice. Non spicy and flavourful.

Butter Chicken Biryani

This was really tasty! Similar rice as above with chicken in a punchy, moderately spicy buttery gravy. It wasn’t sweet at all and hence, I loved it. It’s more of an everyman biryani. Everybody will love this, especially those who don’t like very mild and non masaledar biryani (eg Awadhi style)

Lamb Biryani

The Lamb was wonderfully cooked. The rice was mild and nice too. But the masala of the Lamb was just good, not great. It was tasty but I’ve had much better Lamb Biryani.


One thing I did feel was that the rice doesn’t have much flavour of the meat. It seems like they keep the rice separate and meat / gravy separate, and mix how and when needed. It lacks the ‘made from scratch in a single pot’ taste. I kept the biryanis in the fridge and ate it the next day, it tasted much better as the rice had had time to soak up the flavour of the meat / gravy.

I would like to thank Go Biryani Team for sending over the samples for tasting.

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