Shantadurga Veg NonVeg, Aranyeshwar – Homely Goan Seafood Excellence!

Shantadurgda Veg NonVeg, is a small restaurant in Aranyeshwar, serving simple, homely Goan food. Run by Mr and Mrs Verekar, it is a labour of love with age old recipes from Mr Verekar’s mother. The food here is rustic, soul satisfying and is like eating at someone’s home in Goa. Fish fry, coconut based curries as well as delicious veg food. All at prices that are extremely reasonable.


I reached the place on a cool breezy evening, just after the first June showers. My tummy longing for some hot crispy fish fry and this place delivered. I had Bombil Fry and Prawns Fry to begin with. Coated with crispy rawa, just the right amount of masala marination, mildly spicy but so flavourful. The big juicy crispy Prawns Fry especially blew me away, I couldn’t stop.


Next on the way was Surmai Thali. Crispy juicy surmai fry, mild creamy and coconuty prawns curry, spicy chicken curry (small portion no pieces), soothing sol kadhi all scooped up with smokey rice Bhakri!! Super soul satisfying meal! The prawns curry was just so simple and mild, I could have a whole bowl just like that. Only thing was the number of prawns could have been a bit more. (Rs. 360)

Shantadurga Seafood Aranyeshwar Surmai Thali
Surmai Thali

Mutton Sukkha

Not Goan style but this almost brought me to my knees. Such juicy, slow cooked, mesmerizing mutton in a dry gravy, packed with flavour while being not spicy at all. Just a ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ of mild spices, singing with ghee! The ghee is what makes this gravy! At just 200 bucks, an absolute steal!

Shantadurga Seafood Aranyeshwar Mutton Sukkha
Mutton Sukkha

Alni Bhat

Simple rice cooked in chicken stock and garnished (again) with ghee. What a great accompaniment to the mutton sukkha.

Shantadurga Seafood Aranyeshwar Alni Rice
Alni Bhat (Rice)

I had an absolute feast here at Shantadurga Veg-NonVeg. This is one of those typical places – a hole in the wall, away from the hustle and bustle of busy roads, small neighbourhood place, but one that deserves a wide and loyal audience. This place is a must visit for every seafood lover and Goan food enthusiast.

I would like to thank the Verekars whole heartedly for inviting me. They have found a very regular patron in me. I’m pretty sure their seafood and especially the mutton sukkha is gonna be on my Zomato order every couple of weeks!

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