Cabaret By Peter – Korean BBQ!

Cabaret By Peter is an amazing restaurant in Balewadi, with a fun atmosphere and a funky interior. They serve beer and drinks with great offers along with a variety of cuisines including Indian, Asian and Continental. But being Korean himself, the owner, Mr Peter has always served Korean cuisine at his cafes and restaurants. Cabaret now has Korean Barbeque on the menu, which is a very unique and fun experience.

Check out a short video about my experience below!

What makes Korean Barbeque unique is that you get to grill meat yourself at your table. Korean Barbeque is very healthy as the meat is marinated in minimal oil, salt and spices and is eaten with loads of vegetables and sauces that aren’t heavy on fats, sugar or salts. So you get a pure meat experience along with fun of grilling your own meat. So, it can be a great activity with your family, kids or friends. Lovely bonding and group experience.

They serve 1 portion of meat along with unlimited sides and California Roll Sushi along with 1 beer / mocktail for Rs. 1000 per head (Rs. 500 for kids) which is a pretty good deal, if you ask me! You can order extra meat portion for Rs 350 – 500 depending upon what you choose.


Chicken / Fish Katzu Stick

Deep fried chunky, juicy, crispy and amazing chicken and fish strips. So delectable and tasty especially when you dip it in the Katzu sauce! The sauce has soy, mustard, worcestershire sauce, sugar and a few more ingredients and is so different and savoury! It has a moderate intensity but really flavourful, it really bumps up the flavour level of the chicken sticks! These are a must have!

Cabaret Korean BBQ Katzu Sticks
Katzu Sticks

Veg Tempura / Prawns Tempura

Vegetables and Prawns in a crispy tempura batter and deep fried! A bit oily and the batter seemed a little thick to me but the end result is amazing. The prawns one especially was brilliant! Huge, fresh and juicy prawns in the crispy crunchy coating super fun with the excellent wasabi mayo! The spicy nasal hit is just so awesome! We also ordered some sweet chilly sauce, which tasted even better! Sweet spicy goodness!

Cabaret Korean BBQ Prawns Tempura
Prawns Tempura

Kimchi Jeon

Small pancakes stuffed with kimchi. I didn’t enjoy this too much, as it seemed slightly overcooked and the flavour of kimchi was a bit lost among the batter. I love kimchi and I’d rather have just plain kimchi instead!

Cabaret Korean BBQ Kimchi Jeon
Kimchi Jeon

California Roll

Amazingly huge sushi with prawns along with a few vegetables. Really nice and enjoyable, slightly easier on the palate, of folks who don’t enjoy raw fish. It’s really nice.

Cabaret Korean BBQ California Roll
California Roll


The servers arranged an electric hot plate with a skillet and set a consistent temperature. Then a huge platter of vegetables and meat arrived at the table. We were served some amazing pork, just marinated simply in white wine, salt and pepper! (They have chicken too)

First, you put some oil in the skillet, then place the vegetables and then the pork on top of it to grill. You can grill the vegetables and meat to your liking. Chef suggested about 7-8 minutes. We grilled the pork to a smokey crispiness, the second round! (Watch the video to see how it’s done!)
Then, you take a large lettuce leaf, place the grilled vegetables, the pork and then add condiments and sauces(served on the side), fold everything up and eat. This is how they have BBQ’d meat in Korea and they don’t bite it into pieces, you’re supposed to eat the whole thing at once.

This combination is really tasty. It fresh, meaty, fatty with spices all rolled into one. It is a very different but very flavourful experience. We thoroughly enjoyed grilling everything on our own and eating it. It will be a super fun experience with family and friends.


We had crispy, sweet and delicious Honey Noodles with Ice Cream. Simple and tasty!

Cabaret Korean BBQ Honey Noodles dessert
Cabaret Korean BBQ Honey Noodles

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