Souk, NIBM – Ramadan Special Menu

Souk is a full blown Middle Eastern restaurant, from the owners of the omnipresent Cafe Arabia. They celebrated their 1st anniversary and introduced a special menu for Ramdaan. The place was lit up and beautifully decorated with flowers and lights, pretty as a picture. One read through the menu and I couldn’t wait to try out all the food. One feedback though, the inner area, around the kitchen and the loo needs to be much cleaner.


Some of the dishes were absolutely stunning. The drink served, Rosito, was really refreshing and amazing. Mint, lemon and rose topped with loads of rose petals. Very pretty and rather romantic drink.

Souk NIBM Rosito Mocktail
Rosito Mocktail


One of the best haleem I’ve ever had for sure! Perfect slow cooked texture, sticky and stringy, perfect taste, meaty and a hint of starchiness, just bejeweled with aromatic ghee! The caramelized taste and crispiness of fried onions just a cherry on top! Definitely a must try!

Souk NIBM Haleem

Kofta Kebab

Minced lamb balls, so delicate and juicy in texture, hit of spice, in a creamy soothing yogurt, garlic sauce. A mind blowing – have a dozen at a time – dish!


Fatoosh and Hummus Chicken Salads were really nice. Light, refreshing and due to a sprinkling of sumac and other middle eastern spices, really tasty too. The hummus was amazing and the grilled chicken too was perfect.

Cold Mezze Platter

This was incredible! Soft Pita and Lavash served with a myriad of classic Middle Eastern sides. The hummus, of course, was amazing so was the beet one. The Moutabel (creamy aubergine dip), tzatziki and Tabouleh (parsley salad) were great! But the star of the platter was the Lebneh cheese. It is a yogurt cheese, so creamy, tangy and with a texture like burrata cheese. All dipped in wondrous olive oil and topped with chilli flakes. Mind blowing!

Turkish Pide (Pizza)

Middle Eastern flat bread topped with cheese, sauce and whatever toppings you choose and drizzled with olive oil. We had the mushroom, which was meaty and really flavourful, and the chicken which was creamy and mild.

Souk Desserts

Kenafeh Cheesecake – An amazing baked cheesecake with Kenafeh or sevai pastry as the base as well as garnished on top! All this topped with cinnamon, cardamom and sugar syrup. I really liked this dessert. The creamy cheesy taste with the crispy and crunchy texture and spices just made it so unique and tasty!

Souk NIBM Kenafeh Cheesecake
Kenafeh Cheesecake

Almond Baklava and Walnut Cream Warbat – Classic Middle Eastern desserts. Crispy, layered pastry with amazing fillings topped with loads of syrup. Quite good, but it was a bit too sweet. A lighter hand on the syrup, or inherently less sweet syrup would have made it better.


Unfortunately, there were some things in the menu that didn’t work that well. The Doner Kebabs were a little too dry and fell apart as you tried to eat them. Cheese Chicken Kebabs were okay but the omelette like texture and the taste just wasn’t good enough.

The worst, though, has to be the Chocolate Hummus! I know. It seems like a bad idea and it was. The accompanying Phyllo Cigars were amazing, though. Crispy, light and topped with powdered sugar. But the hummus just failed miserably.

Souk NIBM Chocolate Hummus
Chocolate Hummus


Frankly, I loved most of the food at Souk. I will definitely be going there again. Middle Eastern cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines and they do it really well. I’m just praying they keep the Haleem and Lamb kofta year round. I will have that everytime I go there, for sure! Some dishes need improvement, but they are not deal breakers at all. Overall I would definitely say, Souk is a must try place!

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