Levit8, NIBM – Rooftop Excellence!

Levit8 is an absolutely beautiful classy rooftop restaurant and bar in NIBM (Clover Hill Plaza). It’s open, spacious and extremely well appointed. The cool evening breeze, pretty lights and amazing vibe make it a perfect date place. The music is amazing and so are the food and drinks. They are going to start their own brewery too, which is all quite exciting. Great place to hang out with the gang, watch some sports on the large screen and kick back with a cocktail!

Levit8 NIBM




Amazing eye catching crimson colour and what a fun name! It’s a whiskey cocktail with beet juice and it was amazing. I was sceptical about the taste initially, but it was awesome. I’d easily order it again!

Ramos Gin Fizz

A delicious gin cocktail with loads of mace on top giving it a wonderful spice. It was refreshing and flavourful! Quite punchy too!



Churrasco Grills


Amazing skewered chicken with a tangy and spicy BBQ style sauce! So good! I could have a whole plate on my own!

Cheesy Chicken Supreme

Mild creamy marinade with loads of cheese and juicy chicken! Perfect.


LGBT Prawns

I heard the name and I was like, “What!!” How do they even know the sexual orientation of the poor prawns. But it seems not everyone has a twisted head like mine, so turns out the prawns are cooked in a ‘L’emon ‘G’arlic ‘B’utter ‘T’hyme marinade, which made it really scrumptious and gave it it’s name!


One feedback though, the chicken / prawns come on a hot grill, so the meat kept cooking and 5 minutes later, the underside was so burnt, so we couldn’t eat it at all.

Sharabi Raan

Sounds interesting and was absolutely delicious! Boneless cubes of tender lamb meat, tandoored to perfection marinated in Old Monk Rum! Take that in for a moment! Tell me if you can control yourself after hearing the description! It’s insanely good! So delicious, spicy, caramelly and meaty! The hummus, pickled onions and soft pita were perfect accompaniments! I finished the whole damn plate by myself in 5 minutes flat! Sorry, everybody else!

Levit8 NIBM Sharabi Raan
Sharabi Raan

Mushroom Florentine Pizza

Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! Thin and crisp, loaded with a truck load of cheese, meaty mushrooms and spinach. God, one of the best pizzas I’ve had recently. Really good!

Levit8 NIBM Mushroom Florentine Pizza
Mushroom Florentine Pizza


Chicken Laksa Curry

Really nice Malaysian style creamy spicy aromatic curry with flat rice noodles. But it was slightly high on salt. But overall great taste.

Oriental Rice Bowl

Asian greens and vegetables in a light Chinese style gravy loaded with garlic, chilli and pepper. Really heartwarming simple combination.

Levit8 NIBM Asian Mains
Asian Mains

Paneer Zafrani Tikka Masala

Really nice medium spicy Indian curry with soft paneer and bell peppers. It tasted amazing with butter rotis!

Levit8 NIBM Paneer Zafrani Tikka Masala
Paneer Zafrani Tikka Masala


Chocolate Bowl

Gooey warm chocolate brownie, creamy mousse and ice cream! Garnished with pretty flowers. This dessert is a looker and super yummy too. The combination of creamy and bitter sweet chocolate is just awesome. (The actual dessert is bigger, we were served a small portion)

Levit8 NIBM Chocolate Bowl
Chocolate Bowl

Gadbad Shetty

Again, what a name! But unfortunately not the best dessert I’ve had. They have tried to recreate the ‘Gadbad’ ice cream. But the combination of the chocolate brownie and the strawberry ice cream with the tutti frutti, just didn’t go well (The vanilla and butterscotch ice cream was decent). Frankly, without the brownie, I probably would have loved it. This dish needs rethinking.

Note – Desserts seem overpriced. Especially the Gadbad Shetty. Its definitely not worth 450 bucks.

Levit8 NIBM Gadbad Shetty
Gadbad Shetty


Levit8 is one hell of a place. Really pretty, great open air vibe and just feels awesome to hang out at. The food is really delicious too (couple of dishes do need some tweaking). Service is quite good, but due to the size of the restaurant, it can be a touch slow sometimes. Prices are slightly on the higher side, but none of those things are deal-breakers. Overall, it’s a place I’d happily go again or recommend to friends. I would give it a 4/5 score.

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