Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck, FC Road (Pune)

Nina Pinta Santamaria is a quaint little food truck in Pune serving ‘Crepes’. They are currently located on Fergusson College Road (opposite Venus Store). I visited the truck recently and tried 3 of their crepes. I absolutely loved them. When I posted about them on Instagram, the owners kindly invited me back to taste their mutton and mango crepes. I of course obliged and then went again for 2 more crepes. So you could call this a partial ‘FoodTasting’ for 2 crepes and a general review for the remaining 5 😄.

Check out this YouTube Video I made about the food truck!


Chicken Puneri Crepe

Crisp and soft crepe with an amazing chicken masala curry with loads of onion giving it a caramelised almost sweet and spicy flavour. Really delectable!


Mutton ki Baat

Probably their best savoury crepe! The mutton kheema is incredible. Spiced beautifully with whole spices, almost caramelised topped with some cheese and white onions. Perfectly crispy, spicy and so good!

Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck Mutton ki Baat Crepe
Mutton ki Baat Crepe

Mushroomaay Namaha

Delicious mushrooms, spinach and corn in a tomato basil sauce with cheese! Man, this was so great! My favourite vegetarian crepe. It was just perfect.

Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck Mushroomaay Namah
Mushroomaay Namah


Death By Chocolate

Absolutely magnificent! Loaded with dark chocolate brownie, ganache, mocha mousse and whipped cream. It’s a chocolate lovers dream come true! Absolutely superb and addictive!

Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck Death By Chocolate Crepe
Death By Chocolate Crepe


Banoffee Crepe

I had to try this! Wonderful fresh bananas in a caramelly dulce leche sauce and whipped cream. So soul satisfying!

Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck Banoffee Crepe
Banoffee Crepe

Simply Mango

If you love mango, this is a must try! My god! Fresh sweet tangy mangoes with loads of cream!! One of the best mango desserts in the city I guess!

Berry Yaan

Blueberry compote, cream and ricotta cheese! Sweet, tangy and fresh! It’s like a high end french dessert in an easy to eat and easy on the pocket crepe form.

Nina Pinta Santamaria Food Truck Berry Yaan Crepe
Berry Yaan Crepe



I absolutely love this place! I always had a fascination for food trucks and when they do such great food, it’s just impossible to ignore! The quality of the ingredients and the end product is just so high. Every component is well thought out, well made and so delicious! Best part is all that for really affordable prices! The crepes cost just between 120 to 180 bucks. That’s crazy good value!

This Nina Pinta Santamaria Crepe Truck is a must visit for everyone! It’s fun and a very different experience. And did I mention how pretty the truck is with the colours and beautiful lighting?

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