Jamawali Biryani – Pavillion Mall (Pune)


I have been eyeing Jamawali Biryani¬†ever since I’ve seen it in Pavillion Mall, SB Road, Pune. I finally tried it a few days ago and I was floored by the taste and quality of the food! It is owned and managed by JW Marriott, so no surprises there.

Gosht Biryani

A masterpiece. Subtle but flavoured with mild spices and aromatic with loads of ghee. The rice is mild, but so satisfying. Then the mutton pieces – so perfectly cooked, juicy, perfect proportion of fat and meat and just amazingly spiced. This is one of the best Biryanis in Pune. This is Awadhi style of biryani and apparently is the closest you can get to the original! (Rs 310)

Talawa Gosht

If you thought the biryani was amazing, you should try this curry! My God! Absolutely succulent fall off the bone mutton in a beautifully spiced, mild but flavouful curry! It’s singing with onion and many whole spices. Paired with crisp and flaky laccha paratha, it is the perfect indulgent meal! Again layered with wonderful ghee. This is an incredible curry, soul satisfying! (Rs 340)

They even have a combo where you get curry, paratha as well as biryani, but smaller quantities. Great if you wanna try everything in one go but I’d suggest order the full dishes! They even have chicken versions and a few veg dishes I think.

Their Chaaz and Jal Jeera was pretty good too!

Considering the quality and taste, this is totally value for money. It just doesn’t seem like ‘Food Court’ food at all! The prices may seem on the higher side for a food court, but it’s more than worth it!

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