Butter Brews Bistro (Senapati Bapat Road) – Bagelicious!

If you’ve been to New York or watched a lot of food shows on TV (like me) you know bagels. You’ve always wanted to try one. A Jewish bread originating in Poland which has many styles and a faithful following. Butter Brews Bistro¬†was the place I tried one for the first time and really loved it. It’s not the typical New York style (which has a hard crust and chewy centre) but more like a classic home style bagel.

Butter Brews Bistro isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but it does want Punekars to experience bagels in a more familiar / convenient way. So their bagel sandwiches have a mix of traditional (European) as well as innovative Indian variants. I do feel bad that they don’t do the classic smoked salmon bagel though.

I have discovered however, whatever style, these bagel sandwiches with the accompanying salad, when paired with a refreshing drink, are the perfect light summer meal.

But they do offer so much more than just that. Butter Brews has a full blown awesome menu to fill all sizes of hunger.


I absolutely loved the Basil Slush. So light, not sweet and just amazing refreshing basil flavour. Masala Kala Khatta was bang on and the Oreo Cookie Shake was just mind-blowing – chocolatey, creamy and packed with crispy oreos! The Melon Basil Slush was nice too.


My favourite has to be the Sundried Tomato Olive Cream Cheese Bagel (210). So creamy light and the sundried tomatoes are just so tangy and flavourful.

Butter Brews Cafe Sundried Tomato Olive Bagel
Sundried Tomato Olive Bagel

What surprised me the most was the Chicken Gurkha Bagel (230). I didn’t know what to expect as it was desi style, but they just knocked it right out of the park. Such an amazing mildly spiced chicken curry and cheese in that slightly chewy wonderful bagel. So good. No wonder it’s their best selling one!

The Egg & Cheese Shakshuka Bagel (200) with an half fried egg with a runny yolk and some tomato – onion based masala sauce at the bottom, it was quite amazing.

Butter Brews Cafe Egg & Cheese Shakshuka
Egg & Cheese Shakshuka


Mushroom Stuffed Omelette – Really delicious and filling mushrooms and cheese omelette. Served with salad and a buttered – toasted bagel on the side. (220)

Butter Brews Cafe Mushroom Cheese Omelette
Mushroom Cheese Omelette


Veg Broodles sounded so interesting and it so was. Delicious light but super flavourful broth with noodles (now you get how it got the name?) and loads of vegetables. Loaded with flavours of with garlic and pepper. Bowl of comfort, this. Chicken variant too is available. (230)

Butter Brews Cafe Veg Broodles
Veg Broodles

Fried Garlic and Rosemary Grilled Chicken Balsamic – Long name but amazing chicken steak. Really soft and perfectly cooked chicken with oodles of rosemary and garlic flavour with the amazing tart balsamic glaze. The mash was pretty tasty too. The carrots, though, were slightly disappointing for me, as they were hard, barely cooked. Some may like the fresh taste, but I love my carrots soft and caramelly. Best part is you can customise the dish the way you want. Like you can have sauteed vegetables or herbed rice instead of mash. (290)

Butter Brews Cafe Garlic Rosemary Balsamic Grilled Chicken
Garlic Rosemary Balsamic Grilled Chicken


Butter Brews Bistro has a great selection of desserts too and I was so looking forward to it. The New York Cheesecake was fantastic. Cheesy, creamy and quite gooey in the centre. I like the fact that they don’t over power the cheesecake with any sauce or berry compote. And they use an oreo cookie base!!(200)

Butter Brews Cafe New York Cheesecake
New York Cheesecake

The Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake was so good! Sticky, gooey dark chocolate, coffee and absolutely loaded with hazelnut. It was a dream!! (190)

Butter Brews Cafe Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake


Butter Brews Bistro is one of those, feel-good and youthful cafes that just feel like home. Really chill atmosphere, great service and beautiful ambiance. The food, though, is just amazing. Loads of different food for different people and moods. From a hearty breakfast to nurse an hangover, a light cosy meal or a dessert binge, they’ve got you covered. I love this place and I can’t get enough of their bagels!

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