Event Horizon Brewing – Great New Craft Beers

Check out the video!!

Many craft Beer companies are popping up and getting a superb response right now in Pune. The latest one is – Event Horizon Brewing. Amazing concept of producing 7 beers named after the 7 cardinal sins. Really exciting stuff. They have launched 2 beers right now – Imperial Stout (Envy) and Kolsch (Lust). I was invited by Rohan to try out their beers at the Funky Kona in Baner.

Imperial Stout (Envy)

An amazing dark, deep and crisp stout. For the real stout enthusiasts. It is not super creamy like most other places. It is heavy on chocolate and coffee aroma, quite robust, hint of bitterness and a sharp, crisp flavour.

It has an amazing foamy head which slowly rises and settles at the top after the beer is poured (Check out the video to see this). This is called the cascading effect. It’s a pleasure to watch it do it’s thing when it poured!

Event Horizon Brewery WanderDriveEat Imperial Stout (Envy)
Imperial Stout (Envy)

Kolsch (Lust)

Super light, refreshing and again a nice crisp taste. Really easy going and you can have multiple of these at once!

Where Can I Have Them?

Currently they are pouring at The Funky Kona, Ubro (Baner), Plunge (KP) and Bait Brasserie (Deccan). These beers are definitely ones to try out once for sure and I’m looking forward to their new beers coming up!

I tried the Sizzling Chicken with Dark Rum Glaze and man it was awesome. It is set ablaze on the table with dark rum, which was amazing. Crispy, smokey, caramelly and tasty!

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