ZETA, Hyatt Regency – Fun, Classy, Affordable!

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ZETA is a new casual restaurant launched by Hyatt Regency, which replaces La Terrazza. They want to do away with the intimidating “5 Star Hotel” feel and give you a fun and classy experience that is affordable and approachable. The ambiance is bright, colourful and absolutely stunning. The al fresco area is chilled out and beautiful, perfect for a pleasant summer evening. 

The cuisine kicks out words like ‘authentic’ and ‘subtle’ and introduces really bold flavours and interesting twists. Chef Anirban Dasgupta and Chef Rohit Chadha have created some fun and tasty dishes from various cuisines. The quality and exquisite taste remains but the food is approachable for a casual foodie. The place is not cheap by any means, but it’s definitely not as expensive as it’s “5-Star Location” would suggest. Frankly this is a perfect place for hanging out with friends and family or even to impress that special date! Plus the portion sizes are huge!

(Check out this short Video mongtage of Zeta!!)


Each table gets a bread platter complimentary. Which in itself isn’t a big deal, but what is, is how exceptional the bread is. This sourdough comes from one of India’s leading experts who trained the in-house bakers.

The crust is crisp and smokey; the inside is super fluffy and soft! It’s magic, almost. If you like a good loaf, this sourdough itself is reason enough to visit. It is served warm and buttered, with a delicious aioli and tangy sweet tomato based dip. I had to fight the urge to fill up on this bread. (Sorry, I rather droned on about this, but I can’t help it! ;))

Zeta Hyatt Regency Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Bread


The drinks served were just fantastic! The Zeta Sherbat was sweet, a bit tangy and full of rose petals zinging with lemon and soda. The Angrezi Lemonade was light refreshing minty lemonade and the Desi Lemonade was a minty, spicy patakha! The latter is definitely a must try!



They have a new wine section with a great variety of local as well as interational wines. You can buy a bottle at MRP and enjoy it with your meal and take it home. Love the concept!


Sourdough Toast with Mushroom

Fluffy crispy sourdough toast (don’t worry, I won’t start about the bread again!) topped with delicious meaty mushrooms in a creamy peppery sauce. So good, so satisfying! The accompanying sweet caramelized onion compote adding another dimension!

Zeta Hyatt Regency Sourdough Toast with Mushroom
Zeta Hyatt Regency Sourdough Toast with Mushroom

Pune’s Favourite BCG

Weird name, but a cracker of a dish. Crispy flaky filo pastry pocket filled with creamy gooey Brie (cheese, not Larson – you’re not that lucky!) baked to perfection! Sweet papaya relish and sultanas (raisins), almost like a heavenly jam served with a refreshing rocket salad. The combination of sweet, creamy and savoury flavours with the various textures is just ‘Marvel’ous! (See what I did there?!!)

Zeta Hyatt Regency Pune's Favourite BCG
Pune’s Favourite BCG

Kolmi No Patio

A twist on this Parsi classic. Uber flavourful, hugely spicy, tangy and caramelly flavours perfectly enveloping the large plump prawns. Sweet onion jam, red thinly sliced pickled onions and the amazing crispy mini cheese pav – what a combination! Though it doesn’t claim to be authentic, it’s not far enough from the original to warrant any feisty Parsi aunty to go, “Gadheda, @#* ma #@* maris”.

Zeta Hyatt Regency Kolmi No Patio
Kolmi No Patio

Crispy Calamari

Calicut (Kerala) style fried calamari, super crisp with grounded udad daal coating, flavoured wondrously with turmeric, coconut and curry leaves. Simple but addictive!

Zeta Hyatt Regency Crispy Calamari
Crispy Calamari

Eggs Kejriwal

Not named after the politician, but apparently a chef from Mumbai who created the dish. Delicious crispy buttery bun topped with perfect sunny side up and slathered generously with a sweet minty green chutney! Really tasty stuff, but the sweetness of the chutney was a bit overpowering. A bit of onion and tomato on top too would have enhanced the taste and texture. Feedback was graciously accepted by Chef Dasgupta and Chef Chadha.



Malai Cottage Cheese

The softest, creamiest and chunkiest paneer you can imagine with a mild creamy marinade, grilled to perfection with some bell peppers! So smoky and flavourful!

Chicken Kebab

Super smoky and succulent chicken with classic middle eastern flavours. Absolutely fantastic!

Both kebabs were served with a smoky spicy whole grilled pepper and served on a buttery stuffed baida paratha. So rich, flavourful and delectable!


Soothing hearty Cauliflower Soup. I personally felt it was a touch bland. It definitely needed to be either bolder or creamier.

Zeta Hyatt Regency Cauliflower Soup
Cauliflower Soup


Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli

Perfect hand made ravioli, stuffed with the most beautiful creamy ricotta and spinach filling. I love spinach and I was so happy because so many other places just ruin it. The tangy arrabiata sauce was amazing too.

Zeta Hyatt Regency Spinach Cheese Ricotta
Zeta Hyatt Regency Spinach Cheese Ricotta

The Softest Gnocchi

You have to believe the name! Hands down the biggest, softest and creamiest gnocchi I’ve ever tasted! Served with a ridiculously good peppery, heart warming and meaty mushroom sauce and absolutely magical, aubergine crisps! The latter just won my heart! Super thin, crispy and smoky with the hint of aubergine flavour, so good!

Zeta Hyatt Regency The Softest Gnocchi
Zeta Hyatt Regency The Softest Gnocchi


Zeta Chicken Arrosto

Crispy, juicy, succulent, perfectly grilled huge chicken. Mind blowing tangy sweet olive stew with fried caramelized onions and fresh salad topped with balsamic! I was ready to burst at this point, but I couldn’t stop myself, I almost licked the plate clean. This is the best grilled chicken in Pune I can pretty much guarantee! (Don’t @ me!)

Zeta Hyatt Regency Zeta Chicken Arrosto
Zeta Chicken Arrosto


What? Desserts after all this food? Hell, yeah! I didn’t care if I fell sick like a dog, I wanted dessert, especially after chef explained their whole concept. They want the desserts to remind you of your childhood. The kind of stuff you would enter a dessert shop and stare at through the glass and lust after! Or stuff you saw on TV or in movies which you just dreamed about eating someday! The way the desserts are presented, it’s definitely out of your wildest fantasies!


Aunt Anna’s Milk Chocolate Mousse

I don’t know who this Aunt Anna is, but damn! This is a mighty mousse. Absolutely gooey, sticky, intense chocolate mousse topped with loads of roasted crispy chewy marshmallows. Some chocolate ice cream on the side for good measure! This just hit the spot!

Banoffee Pie

I absolutely love banoffee pie and this is definitely one of the best I’ve had! Just fragrant with banana, coffee and cinnamon (all my favourite things!). Served along with crispy caramelized banana on a bed of chocolatey-coffee-cinnamony soil! The combination – just perfect! I could eat this everyday!


What verdict? Just go eat here! If you have a birthday, anniversary or whatever coming up, just go. Have a date you’ve meaning to take out? Or not been on a romantic dinner with your spouse for eons? Surprise them and treat them here! This place, the food and especially the desserts are just fun and super tasty. Zeta feels super special but it won’t burn a whole in your pocket for the location, quality and experience you’re getting.

Zeta Hyatt Regency Chef Rohit Chadha & Chef Anirban Basgupta
Chef Rohit Chadha & Chef Anirban Basgupta

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