Cafe Wunderbar, Viman Nagar – Incredible Food

Cafe Wunderbar is a hip new cafe in Viman Nagar, right opposite Irani Cafe. It gets all the basics right, right off the bat. The ambiance is cool, it’s a great place to hang out at and the prices are pretty reasonable too. The menu is a mixture of Indian, Asian and Continental cuisine which is extremely tasty and satisfying. There is almost nothing that you will miss out on here.


(One thing, though, is that they have an open tandoor at the back and that area, tough not bad at the moment, needs to be kept a bit cleaner.)


Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat mango drink
Frozen Mango Margarita

We had a Frozen Mango Margarita and it was fantastic. Creamy, sweet and refreshing. The mild mango and mint taste was super. It wasn’t overly sweet or too strong on the mango, which we liked.


Japanese Prawn Tempura

This is one of their specialties and it was one hell of a dish. Super crispy crust with a huge juicy and flavourful prawn inside. It was delicious. The accompanying mustard mayo sauce and chilli sauce adding a lot of zing. Simple outstanding.

Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat Japanese Prawn Tempura
Japanese Prawn Tempura

Chicken Wings in Barbeque Sauce

Spicy, tangy, sweet and delicious wings. Juicy, chunky chicken slathered with that amazing BBQ sauce. Couldn’t stop at one.

Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat Chicken Wings BBQ Sauce
Chicken Wings BBQ Sauce

Paneer Lasooni Kebab

Soft paneer in a creamy medium spicy marinade loaded with garlic. One of the the best lasooni kebabs I’ve had in a long time.

Paneer Lasooni Tikka

Thecha Chicken Kebab

Another specialty dish. It is not as spicy as you think, so everyone can give it a try. The thecha was just amazing, green chillies, loads of garlic and peanuts. The texture and taste made it almost taste like a Maharashtrian version of Pesto. With the juicy chunky chicken, it was a match made in heaven. A must try dish!

cafe wunderbar viman nagar wanderdriveeat thecha chicken kebab
Thecha Chicken Kebab

Tandoori Fish Tikka

Soft succulent smoky fish in a spicy red tandoori marinade. This had a serious hit to it, so people who don’t like spicy, stay away, but it was really tasty.

Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat Tandoori Fish Tikka
Tandoori Fish Tikka


Burmese Khow Suey (Chicken)

Khow Suey has become so popular in Pune and Cafe Wunderbar’s version is surely one of the best in Pune. The coconut milk curry is just super soul satisfying, so creamy, so flavourful singing with lemongrass, chilli, ginger and lime. Adding all the various topping, you can make it your own, the fresh spring onion, crunchy fried peanuts, deep fried crispy onions, garlic and red chilli. Top it off with a squeeze of lime and voila! I could have bowls and bowls of this everyday, I’m not kidding!

Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat Khow Suey
Khow Suey

Paneer Butter Masala

Quintessential Indian curry, which is a must have for every vegetarian ever! And I, a ferocious non-vegetarian, would happily have this one, without anyone holding a gun to my head! Perfect balance of creamy, spicy and a hint of sweetness, with the soft fresh chunks of paneer. It is a winner.

Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Butter Masala


I will say this very frankly, I was blown away by the quality and taste of food. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. There is a myriad of restaurants and cafes and bistros opening in Pune, with very few getting it right but Cafe Wunderbar hits the nail on the head. This is exactly how you do a small menu, with many types of food, but making sure everything packs a punch. There is no compromise on flavour and portion sizes. Each dish I had was really tasty and I would happily go back to have any of them again, over and over. It’s not everyday I can say that.

They have alcohol and cocktails too and I totally see this becoming a hot spot for the college and young working crowd. It’s not a huge place, but they manage the space extremely well and the service is very nice, the captain and servers always wearing a smile. This place isn’t opulent and luxurious, but the kind of restaurant you become a regular at.

Cafe Wunderbar Viman Nagar WanderDriveEat Owner - Santosh Shinde
Owner – Santosh Shinde

(I would like to thank Cafe Wunderbar for inviting me for a food tasting.)


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