Cirkus, Kalyani Nagar – Unlimited Sushi at 499!

Cirkus is a fun and funky restaurant in Kalyani Nagar. Really chilled out vibe, crazy, almost psychedelic decor and an awesome place to hang with your squad. If you have been craving sushi, ‘Unlimited Sushi for 499’ is an offer you just shouldn’t miss! They have this festival only for lunch between 12 – 4 pm till March 31st. I was invited by Cirkus for a food tasting and I just fell in love with the place and the food.


They have 6 sushi on their menu, 3 veg and 3 non-veg. This sushi isn’t gonna win the ‘most authentic sushi in the world’ award, but it is very interesting, very beginner-friendly and most importantly, quite tasty. Following are my picks out of the 6 –

Crackling Spinach Sushi Roll (Veg) – If the word, ‘spinach’ scared you, don’t worry, there is no health angle to this roll at all. It is just crispy and delicious. Very different, amazing textures and great taste. (Must try)

California Sushi Roll (Veg) – Refreshing, creamy and loaded with fresh vegetables. Really amazing roll.

Ebi Sushi Roll (Prawn) – My God! Delicious sushi loaded with crispy prawns. So crunchy and flavourful. A dip into the soy sauce, elevating it even further into the land of caramelly, savoury flavours. (Must try)

Pop Chicken Sushi Roll – Quite a nice sushi with crispy deep fried chicken nuggets inside. Tasted surprisingly good!

The Sesame Salmon Sushi Roll was one I was really looking forward to, but it had a slight fishy smell, so was a little off putting. It wasn’t as fresh as you’d expect, may be. The Cream Cheese Asparagus Sushi Roll was decent.

I’m no expert, but this sushi didn’t completely appeal to my authentic sushi loving side. But I do have to say, it was tasty, very approachable and easy to gobble down multiple plates! With this offer, you can do just that!


I absolutely fell in love with their Frozen Monkey – a vodka based cocktail that almost looks like gola and tasted like an adult version of one! The Kiwi Key and Honey Lovers mocktails were super refreshing and delicious.

Private Bar

One amazing fact about Cirkus is that will sell you alcohol bottles at MRP and will keep it in a locked personal storage at the bar. Everytime you go to Cirkus, you can drink out of your own bottle of alcohol without paying any extra fees or anything too! That’s pretty cool.


We also tried few of their other dishes. Absolutely loved the Kabuli Chicken and Paneer Makhni Naanlets, basically small bite sized naans with fillings, like mini tacos. The dumplings (Burnt Garlic Chicken and Spinach Parmesan) were decent.

We ended the meal with the highly controversial, Coffee Rasgullas with Peanut Chikki. It was too damn weird and it was a bit blasphemous for both rasgulla lovers as well as coffee lovers. But a strong black coffee made up for it!

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