Sauces by Chef Dipali Vernekar – Review

Sauces by Chef Dipali Vernekar – Review

Dips and Sauces by Chef Dipali Vernekar

I was contacted by Chef Dipali through a common friend to try out her sauces and dips. She sent me two, a Jalapeno & Olive Dip and a very interesting Pine-Zapple Sauce. She also sent me a few recipes to try out with the latter to fully experience the flavour.

Jalapeno & Olive Dip – This is such a winner! Mildly spicy, mayo based dip loaded, and I mean loaded, with tons of chunky pieces of jalapeno and olives! The spicy, tangy and creamy flavours just work so well together. I tried it with pizza sticks and was blown away. I could finish a whole batch in one seating. This is just a perfect dip and tastes great with pizza sticks, toast, crackers, as a sandwich spread or whatever you can think of. Perfect for a party or movie night with the family. Or just a midnight snack reaching out into the fridge and licking it up right off your finger! (PriceRs. 425 for 500 gms. The one shown in the picture is 250 gms.)

Jalapeno & Olive Dip

Saucy Pine-Zapple – This is such a different and amazing sauce. So tangy, spicy and slightly sweet with pineapple flavour. Imagine the best BBQ sauce you’ve had and add a wonderful zing from pineapple and spices. It’s so good. You can use it to make vegetables, paneer, chicken, fish or even meat! It adds a wonderful zing and spice to any ingredient. The pineapple flavour isn’t overpowering and compliments anything you pair it with. You can even use this as a ketchup replacement if, like me, you don’t like ketchup. (Price – Rs. 280)

Saucy Pine-Zapple

I took inspiration from Chef Dipali Vernekar’s recipes to make Chicken as well as Mushrooms and it was so good! The chicken especially, was superb. And it is so simple to make, just fry the ingredients with ginger garlic paste, sliced onions, soya sauce, salt-pepper and the Pine-Zapple sauce and you’re good to go. She will send you her numerous wonderful and simple recipes to try the sauce with.

I’m gonna definitely make Fish, Lamb chops and Vegetable-Paneer BBQ with this sauce on a proper charcoal grill. The smokiness of the charcoal will, I’m sure, take the flavour of this sauce to the next level.

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Awesome Chicken made with superb tangy, sweet and spicy Pine-Zapple Sauce by Chef Dipali Vernekar. It's so unique and delicious, it could easily replace any BBQ sauce and add a titillating zing to any recipe. The pineapple flavour isn't overpowering, so it doesn't take away from the other ingredients. Next time, I'm gonna use this sauce to make BBQ chicken over charcoal!! To order contact @dipalivernenkar or call 98200 50392. . . . #chicken #bbq #pineapple #sauce #zing #tangy #homemade #sizzle #boomerang #puneinstagrammers #pune #punefood #punediaries #foodblogger #food #foodie #yummy #amazing #travel #wanderlust #flavor #delicious #tasty #eat #hungry #foodgasm #nomnomnom #wanderdriveeat #goodfood #grub

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I am in love with these sauces. They are one of the best sauces I’ve had and they are so much better than the commercial stuff. Each batch is homemade and made to order, so it’s fresh and she provides free delivery within Pune from Wakad to Koregaon Park. Definitely give it a try!

ContactChef Dipali Vernekar – 9820050392 /

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