Sassy Spoon – New Menu Tasting

Sassy Spoon, Koregaon Park – New Menu Tasting


Sassy Spoon is one of my most favourite restaurants in KP. Fabulous food, exceptional service and superb drinks. The place is also so beautiful and quirky. There is a Volkswagen Split Window Van for a bar (sorry for the unnecessary automotive geekiness 😄), stairs that go nowhere and shelves and shelves of books kept in kookily inaccessible spots. The colours everywhere are just so pretty and lively. If one word could describe the place, it would, rather conveniently, be the restaurant’s name itself – Sassy.

I was invited by Food Prowl and Sassy Spoon for a food tasting here for their new menu and I was totally excited. Drinks were ordered, some mock some co…. errm.. spiked, let’s say, and the fun and games began.


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The Sour Cooler was really great, sweet, refreshing and the kokum reminding me of the typical Kokum Sharbat I’d have at home on a hot October afternoon like this. The Very Berry Khatta was a smash hit. Fruity, tangy, salty and extremely sweet. It was like having a Kala khatta gola that’s watched too much Netflix and says “bro” too much. But it was quite sweet, a lighter hand on the sugar would have been perfect.

We tried the Morning Brew cocktail and it was amazing. Whiskey and espresso, two of my favourite things, with lime zest. What could go wrong? It was wonderful.


Pulled Lamb Croquettes

The Pulled Lamb Croquettes were definitely my favourite in the meat department. Soft, juicy and creamy filling in a crispy exterior. It was excellent, but with each bite, the whole meat kept falling out from the other half of the croquette. So, though the meaty “pulled” texture had a great mouth feel, it made it difficult to eat in multiple bites.

Chicken Wings with Homemade Buffalo Sauce

The Chicken Wings in homemade Buffalo sauce were excellent, sweet, spicy, tangy and juicy. The Japanese Battered Prawns in sweet chilli sauce had a fun crunchy texture and creamy, spicy taste. It was like eating Cheetos, but with prawns. I personally would have loved a more subtle flavour.

Baked Phyllo Pastry
Quinoa & Chickpea Poppers

In the vegetarian department, the Baked Phyllo Pastry (basically European Samosas) were superb. Crispy, delicate and thin pastry filled with a delicious filling of olives, artichokes, water chestnuts and sun-dried tomatoes. It was amazing, soft, crunchy with savoury and mildly tangy flavours. The Quinoa and Chickpea Poppers turned out to be quite good in spite being Vegan. The combination of the crispy poppers with the accompanying hummus was quite nice.


In the mains actually, the herbivores dominated.

Ricotta, Asparagus and Water Chestnut Tortellini

Ricotta Asparagus and Water chestnut Tortellini was superb, beautiful pasta with a very different aglio olio cream sauce and balsamic drizzle. Really good.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

The Wild Mushroom Risotto too was really nice, meaty mushroom flavour with the al dente creamy rice. A bit more Bocconcini cheese would have been nice though.

Chicken Scallopini with Herbed Rice

Chicken Scallopini with herbed mushroom rice was just amazing. Juicy chicken with a creamy, herby white mushroom sauce and really flavourful rice. Didn’t seem like it would work together, but the dish was delicious.

Braised Lamb with Raisin Pilaf

The Braised Lamb Shank was quite succulent and amazing. But the accompanying raisin pilaf and apple cinnamon sauce was just too sweet to complement the dish. A slightly salty and may be tangy dimension would have really helped.

Scottish Salmon

The Scottish Salmon with Sauteed Spinach just rather failed completely. The Salmon was overcooked, which itself is like blasphemy. But the sauteed spinach just didn’t bring anything to the table. The glazed carrots were undercooked and hard, instead of being soft and they had none of the caramelized sweet delicious taste you expect. No component, unfortunately, worked in this dish, it definitely needs a rethink. Also, there were too many micro greens sprinkled over.


Now desserts are what absolutely smash everything out of the park at Sassy Spoon and I love them. We were served, like everything else, new dishes they are going to introduce to the menu. So they were a bit experimental, I liked all the desserts but they weren’t loved by everybody. They are very different with their flavour combinations and they are definitely the ones to go for of you want to try something different and cool.



Peach and Green Tea white chocolate Mousse was light and creamy with very subtle flavours. The raspberry sorbet and apricot sponge providing a tangy element.

The Caramelized White Chocolate and Watermelon Mousse probably split the opinions the most. The fresh watery watermelon and creamy white chocolate was a very different combination but quite nice and refreshing. The guava chilli sorbet adding some sweet, tart and spicy flavour.


So overall, it was a slightly mixed bag for the new menu. Some really nice dishes and some, not. I love Sassy Spoon and their existing menu, but what I felt is that dishes and desserts in this new menu lack that ‘wow factor’. Almost none of the dishes stand out and just make me want to run back and have them “right now”. May be my expectations from previous experiences has just set such a high bar that I felt they could do even better. I’m pretty sure with the talent and consistency they have, they can easily find a fix.

PS – Their coffee was brilliant. Perfect end to the meal


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