Brasserie Cinq – European Excellence

Brasserie Cinq, Dhole Patil road – European Excellence

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Brasserie Cinq is a new European restaurant by talented Chef Ambar Rode on Dhole Patil Road. It all began at the cosy (read – tiny) Le Petit Amour, my regular haunt, which introduced Kothrudkars to a relatively new dimension of very classic European Bistro style food. Simple but extremely well curated and executed gourmet food. But this was merely a stepping stone.

Brasserie Cinq is modestly swanky, classy and beautiful restaurant with a full blown Michelin star quality menu. But at a price you and me, mere mortals, can enjoy and experience the kind of food that all those years of watching Masterchef Australia has primed us for. I’m gonna say it right off the bat, the food here was exquisite. The quality of ingredients, fastidious attention to detail to every aspect, the cooking, presentation as well as taste is unmatched. They procure local ingredients and cook them to perfection. The seafood, meat and vegetables are treated simply but with very authentic and highly honed techniques resulting in complex and layered favours only a talented and experienced chef can deliver. But despite that, Chef Ambar Rode is very down to earth always smiling. We had a great time getting to know him as well as the restaurant. Open kitchen, extremely clean and organized, where they produce everything, breads, sauces and desserts, all in house.


French Onion Soup

The French Onion Soup was to die for, thick caramelized onions in a tangy, savoury base rounded off wonderfully by oodles of amazing Swiss Gruyere Cheese.


The Bouillabaisse, a classic French seafood soup, with fish, prawns and calamari with a fragrant clear broth of seafood, vegetables and mild spices. Soul satisfying.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

The Curried Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple soup was total winter comfort food, slightly smokey and sweetish, hearty with some crunch from the thinly sliced radish and pistachio granola.


Deconstructed Salmon Roulade
Deconstructed Salmon Roulade

Deconstructed Salmon Roulade – Deep red, vibrantly beautiful beet cured salmon served artistically with sauces and slivers of onions and radish. It was just heaven for a salmon lover like me. Such brilliant sweet tangy delicious oily fish.

Grilled Jumbo Prawns

Jumbo Grilled Prawns was probably the best dish of the day! Just juicy succulent prawns bursting with a buttery garlicey herby sauce, the burnt lemon adding some zing and the creamy crunchy salad of julienned vegetables rounding it off perfectly.

Chicken Liver Parfait

Chicken Liver Parfait was a heavenly dish if, like me, you like liver. Such creamy buttery smooth texture, with subtle flavours without the overpowering liver taste. It was served with pickle gherkins and shallots and sourdough bread.

Goats Cheese Spinach Souffle

Goat’s Cheese Spinach Souffle was a vegetarians delight. Creamy salty goat’s cheese with a beautiful crust and creamy spinach along with parmesan crisps adding some sharpness and boldness.


Grilled Peach Salad

Grilled Peach Salad was heavenly. Sweet peaches with rocket, loads of burrata cheese topped with a tangy and delicious passion fruit and tart red wine based vinocotto dressing. Combination of all the different flavours was just amazing.

Herb Crusted Tuna Salad

Herb Crusted Tuna Nicoise was a pretty interesting and healthy salad with loads of vegetables, boiled egg and herb crusted cured tuna. But it was inconsistently seasoned, so it was salty in some parts and unseasoned in some. Property seasoned and it would have been amazing.

Proscuito Fig Goat’s Cheese Salad

Proscuitto, Fig, Goat’s Cheese salad with Grapefruit – The savoury meaty delicate ham with the sweet figs, grapefruit and creamy salty goat’s cheese was an amazing combination. Really healthy and tasty salad.


We were served 3 fish mains. 2 king fish and 1 red snapper, both local fish, just beautifully cooked with great combination of flavours.

Sous Vide Kingfish

Sous Vide King Fish was super tender with spicy French Lentils, celeriac puree with the light and tangy sauce vierge. Tasting each element with a squeeze of lime was just an amazing experience.

Red Snapper

The Red Snapper was juicy served with celery and fennel salad, delicate prawn barley risotto and confit tomatoes. The sweet juicy baby carrots were the icing on the cake.

Pan Fried King Fish had a crispy skin, soft meat and tasted just amazing with the accompanying saffron cauliflower puree, juicy prawns and fennel parsley coulis.

Braised Pork Pappardelle

Pasta -Braised Pork Pappardelle  was a great meaty bold change after all the delicate fish dishes. The pappardelle is made in house, hand cut and cooked al dente with delicious juicy and flavourful braised pork with thyme sauce topped with loads of tasted walnuts imparting wonderful texture.

Sous Vide Stuffed Chicken Breast

Sous Vide Stuffed Chicken Breast – Such soft melt in the mouth slow cooked chicken with caramelized onion and hearty mushroom cream sauce topped with loads of toasted pistachio.

Hay Smoked Chicken Leg

Hay Smoked Chicken Leg was smokey juicy deliciousness with a wonderful crispiness on the skin served with saffron mayonnaise, tangy tomato based ratatouille and buttery roasted potatoes.

Slow-Cooked Pork Belly

Slow Cooked Pork Belly was another succulent, fatty, meaty delight cooked for 12 hours. With an intense sage infused jus, smokey sweet caramelized onion potato puree, pea tartare and roasted fennel stalks, it was truely magical. Pork lovers, this is your jam!

Confit Duck Leg

Confit Duck leg could have been a stunner of a dish, but unfortunately the meat had gone a little tough. May be because the dish was sitting so long as we waited for everyone to take photos. But the flavours were amazing. The sweet apple beet marmalade, sweet toffee like caramelized peach was just amazing with the delicious crispy potatoes fried in duck fat.



We were full but could’t wait to try the desserts. As soon as we were hit with the barrage of beautifully plated desserts, each looking pretty as a picture, we lept with childish excitement. Each dessert was so exquisite, beautiful and just packed with such delicious combinations of flavours, all were gone in a matter of moments.

Blueberry Raspberry Cheesecake

The Blueberry and Raspberry Cheesecake – Sweet, tangy berry heaven with the raspberry sorbet and mixed berry compote, the granola adding some crispy texture.

Dark Chocolate Semifreddo

The Dark Chocolate Semifreddo with raspberry sorbet was a crazy combination. Bitter sweet dark chocolate with the tangy sweet berry flavours was so different, accentuated to another level by the coffee sponge and espresso gel.


The Tiramisu with espresso ice cream was really nice, classic coffee, creamy goodness.

Vanilla and White Chocolate Creme Brulee

The Vanilla and White Chocolate Creme Brulee was another delicate master piece. Creamy with the sweet and tangy rhubarb and yogurt sorbet and crisp caramelized nougatine tuile. Such a fragrant and beautiful subtle flavour compared to all the intense rock and roll flavours of the rest of the desserts. The mini doughnut balls on the side were amazing!

Last but not the least, we had an avalanche of beautiful delicate macarons to taste. I normally don’t love macarons so much. I had always heard how difficult and technique sensetive they are to make, but on top of that the texture, taste and delicacy of these macarons, made me fall in love with them. As if the beautiful shape and colours were not already enough! They were just delicately crisp, with a soft interior to the biscuit with just luscious creamy and sticky fillings. My favourites were the salted caramel, dark chocolate, coffee and raspberry. Just a symphony of flavours.

I was thoroughly mesmerized by the food here at Brasserie Cinq. The food is so great, such amazing intricate technique and masterful preparation, perfectly keeping all the delicate flavours of each ingredients ultimately making such wonderful flavour combinations. Eating here is just an experience. The talent, skill and attention to detail of each and every person in the team has to be appreciated. Even the servers are very knowledgeable and are always ready to explain the dish to you and suggest according to your taste. Except for a couple of dishes which came up slightly short, each and every dish is a masterpiece.

Brasserie Cinq is a must try restaurant for everybody even if you’re not too big on European and especially French cuisine. You have to taste such wonderfully prepared dishes to understand flavour does not exist in just the sauces, spices or masalas but each and every ingredient and component that adds to the overall taste and experience of a dish. I know for sure I’m going to end up here just a few too many times. I wish Chef Ambar and the whole team best of luck. This is a great restaurant and I wish it all the success in the world, with a slight selfish motive too, to have such great food for years to come.

I would like to thank Aniruddha Patil (Pune Eat Outs – PEO) as well as Brasserie Cinq for inviting me for this food tasting. It was an incredible experience.

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