Elephant & Co, Baner – Exclusive Food Tasting

Elephant & Co has been a very popular name in Kalyani Nagar, now comes their new branch in Baner. A vibrant and chillaxed place with a beautiful open air area as well as a small but well appointed indoor section. The decor is a mish mash of European and Asian themes. The indoor section is very European Bistro style and the alfresco section has a slightly Asian feel with many wood and cane artifacts. There is a Table Tennis table and Armchairs to lounge on too. What takes centre stage is the massive bar.

I was invited to the Elephant & Co Gastropub, Baner for a food tasting and we had an Elephant sized good time. I would like to thank Elephant & Co as well as Food Prowl for the invite!

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We were served a big haul of their signature cocktails. My favourites among them were the excellent and easy drinking Strawberry Margarita and the colourful but rather punchy Elephant Sour, their twist on the Whiskey sour. Overall all the cocktails were really great, potent enough for a great time and tasty enough for you to down more than a couple.

The Ginger Ale Mimosa, was a refreshing, sweet and tangy mocktail.


Salt and Pepper Water Chestnut was a brilliant dish to munch on along with the drinks. Crunchy, juicy and peppery.

Paneer and Veg Tikki Slider was like a cross between a Vada Pav and Veg Burger with Paneer. Really good, and the accompanying salsa was amazing.

wanderdriveeat Elephant & Co Butter Chilli Oyster Chicken Wings
Butter Chilli Oyster Chicken Wings

Butter Chilly Oyster Wings stole the show. It was so delicious. The wings had a crispy skin with juicy meat inside and the seasoning was impeccable. Spicy with a hint of sweet and tangy, I could have had a couple portions on my own with a beer, or ten.

Salli Kheema Slider

Salli Kheema Slider – What a concept! Delicious mutton kheema patties, with a creamy herby-minty sauce packed inside a soft bun ceremoniously bedazzled with potato crisps like a typical Parsi Salli curry. The whole experience is so soft, creamy and pillowy, the potato crisps adding oodles of texture.


Lamb Chops with Beer Reduction and Mash

Lamb Chops with Beer Reduction and Mash
wanderdriveeat-Elepant-&-Co -Lamb-Chops-Beer-Reduction
Lamb Chops with Beer Reduction

Scroll up, and look at the photos again. Okay, take it in for a moment. I want you to imagine how that must taste and trust me, that’s exactly how good it tasted. Succulent lamb chops, perfectly grilled, marinated and seasoned to perfection. The sauce was beery-garlicey heaven and the mash was exquisite too. The cherry tomatoes added some freshness and the spinach chips added crispiness, but they were slightly bitter, tough. Really great dish. Top Tip – Look at the photos again!

Mushroom Crepes in Chilly Garlic Sage Butter Sauce

Mushroom Crepes

Not much explanation is required after reading the name of the dish, but what needs to be said is that this was one of the best dishes I had in the whole menu. Absolutely smashing. Meaty mushrooms in a velvety soft crepe (not the usual crispy variety) and the sauce was buttery, garlicy, herby and absolutely to die for. A must have dish, 100%!

Dosa Waffles with Chicken Chettinad

Wanderdriveeat elephant & co Dosa Waffles Chicken Chettinad
Dosa Waffles Chicken Chettinad

A weird and wonderful dish. Dosa batter cooked in a waffle iron, served with a spicy and delicious Chicken Chettinad. The curry was fragrant and excellent which went well with the dosa waffle. I just wish they were a little thinner and crispier.

Champagne Risotto with Aglio Olio Prawn

Wanderdriveeat.com Champagne Risotto with Prawns
Champagne Risotto with Prawns Agio Olio

The aglio olio prawns were amazing. Garlicey and herby goodness with the rich juicy prawns. The risotto just lacked a bit of seasoning and flavour of it’s own, but was quite nice and creamy.

Egg White Souffle Omelette

A very different and healthy dish. Highly beaten egg white baked in an oven, making the eggs fluff up like a souffle. It was light and soft. It had a filling of lots of vegetables and a really nice sauce. Take a bit of everything in each bite and it tastes really good, the omelette itself was slightly under seasoned. Nothing a pinch of salt and pepper won’t solve.

Tofu Steak Sizzler

Tofu Steak

The silken tofu was really amazing, super soft and creamy. If you don’t like tofu, this one is definitely the one to try, it might just change your perception. It was really tasty, and the sauce was amazing. Pretty good stuff.


Elephant & Co Flourless Chocolate Cake wanderdriveeat
Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake – Really gooey, dark and chocolatey. The vanilla ice cream was really nice and flavourful too. Great classic combination. Excellent dessert.


There is no dearth, really, of amazing restaurants in Baner, but Elephant & Co is definitely one of the stand outs. The ambiance is super chilled out and pretty. The food is excellent and service is great too. It’s an amazing place to hang out and have a great time. It’s not on Balewadi Highstreet so there is decent parking and it’s not over crowded too. I would definitely give it 4.5 out of 5.

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