The Urban Foundry, Kalyani Nagar

The Urban Foundry, Kalyani Nagar. Exclusive Food Prowl Pre-Launch Tasting.

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There is no dearth of awesome haunts to chow down or let your hair down in Kalyani Nagar or the neighbouring areas, so any new place has an uphill battle to make it’s mark. The Urban Foundry has turned up with a canon to a gun fight. It an absolutely stunning place with hell lot of character, superb food and loads of ‘kadak’ desi swagger. Acres of wood, generous use of polished metal and tungsten incandescent bulbs add a beautiful old school pub feel. The Foundry is spacious, cosy and has a huge bar to have a drink and strike up a conversation. There also is a beautiful brass plated vintage motorcycle hanging from the ceiling to add to the metal jewelry.

The desi tashan comes from awesome stuff like Parle-G bisciuts and Kiss-Me chocolates kept in large glass containers at the bar as well as amazing coasters with everything from iconic movie dialogues and various catch phrases on them. There is also an in-house DJ dishing out catchy English as well as Hindi tunes. But it’s not super loud, so you can definitely have a conversation without raising your voice or tear it up on the dance floor, as you fancy. The Urban Foundry at Baner already has a cult following and this branch, too, seems will follow suit.


We were served their signature cocktails, of which there are many and I can assure you, were marvellous. My favourite probably is the ‘Not So Old Fashioned‘, a punchy Bourbon drink with fresh rosemary which arrives in all it’s flaming glory. Definitely put some hair on your chest. The ‘Hawaiian Can‘ was a easy drinking, sweet and really refreshing dark and white rum based cocktail served in a tiki. ‘The Cube‘ was a real crowd pleaser and ‘The Wiki Waki Woo‘ arrives in a bulb and is a coffee flavoured drink. The Smoke Star was a very interesting Parmesan and Vanilla Flavoured Bourbon cocktail.

STARTERS (Chote Gear, as they call it!)

Edamame Ki Bhel and Chicken Tikka Carpaccio Chaat were two extremely quirky and exciting Chaats. The soft creamy Edamame beans with awesome Asian inspired flavours were very interesting. The smoky chicken and typical chaat flavours is a really good combination.

Asian Patrani Murgh was killer. Juicy chicken wrapped in Thai style flavours like lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger and garlic wrapped in banana leaf and steamed to perfection. Really tasty stuff.

Mushroom Tunday Kebab and Nawabi Seekh Kebab were really amazing, soft and really flavourful Indian starters. The Chicken Tangdi Kebab with saffron and pepper really hit the spot. Perfectly cooked juicy chicken charred and smoky with very subtle flavours. The Tandoori Momos were also great.

Bacon Cheese Poppers and Prawn Gold Coins were some deep fried goodies to go with your beer! Baconnaise, an amazing bacon dip served with some crispy toast to scoop it up.


Kali Mirch Chicken Dumpling
Kali Mirch Chicken Dumpling

The dumplings were amazing with an awesome desi twist to them. Malai Broccoli and the robust Magik Mushroom from the veg selection while the Kali Mirch Chicken and eccentric Kheema Ghotala Shumai for the non vegetarians.


Lobster Sushi Roll
Lobster Sushi Roll

If you are a Sushi connoisseur, look away, this may hurt. But the fusion Sushis at the Foundry was pretty interesting and quite tasty as well. For the herbivores, Cheesy Corn and Creamy Asparagus Roll were served. The carnivores were treated with Dynamite Lobster Roll and Chicken Tandoori Roll. The Lobster one was quite nice with crispy deep fried lobster like a tempura prawn. I will refrain from commenting about the other.


Chicken Tikka Pizza
Chicken Tikka Pizza

The Tuna and Truffle Pizza was one of my most favourite dishes served at The Urban Foundry. A Japanese style cold pizza with succulent rich tuna, cucumber topped with Japanese style spices and truffle oil. It was delicious, I could have a couple of these on my own. The Chicken Tikka Pizza was a great Indianised but very tasty treat. Crispy base, lot’s of cheese and very comforting.


Daal Bati Khaosuey
Daal Bati Khaosuey

Daal Bati Khaosuey – Sounds crazy and it definitely was! Delicious warm crumbly bati soaked in ghee served with amazing daal and a variety of toppings to garnish and devour! I’m not usually a fan of daal bati but this one was quite good!

Dabba Gosht was quite nice. Soft succulent mutton and boiled eggs in a medium spicy flavourful gravy, but it was too salty for me.

Calcutta Chilly Chicken with Egg Fried Rice and Veg Hakka Noodles was a superb Chindian (Chinese-Indian) selection. The chilly chicken was really tasty and was a great pairing with the tasty rice as well as noodles.

YanGon Prawn Curry was a superb Asian curry with Jasmine rice to go along with it. Very different with a distinct cinnamon flavour.


The Foundry Cheesecake
The Foundry Cheesecake

The Frozen Gajar Halwa was a great twist on kulfi. Really tasty stuff. The Foundry Cheesecake is loaded with Gulab Jamun. Again, if you’re a cheesecake purist (bit like me) it’s gonna be sacrilege, but it’s a very interesting desi twist and also quite nice, I have to admit. Motichoor Sushi was another contentious dessert, which will fuel debated for millennia I believe!


I have to say The Urban Foundry, Kalyani Nagar is a must visit place. Armed with a new menu , beautiful space but the same young enthusiastic charm as it’s Baner counterpart, it is a great place to drop your hard earned cash on. Whether you need to hang out with your peeps, impress an important guest or charm a special someone, The Foundry can handle it. They launch on 4th June and I’m excited. This was a pre launch tasting so I don’t know the pricing yet, but still definitely a 4.5 out of 5 place!

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