Fish Curry Rice, Baner

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Fish Curry Rice opens the doors to another branch, this time in the ever growing foodie paradise, Baner. I was invited along with the Food Prowl team for a tasting here and it was blast. It’s a great place to gorge on Malwani and coastal cuisine. The ambiance is classy with the walls strewn with classic Marathi cinema memorabilia. One whole wall is dedicated to all the awards won by Fish Curry Rice. The kitchen is open to view and the hygiene and efficiency are obvious.


Sol Kadhi
Sol Kadhi

We were started off with the must have Tival. A bright red kokam drink which is beautifully tart and sweet. It really got our appetite going. Next was Sol Kadhi, a classic tasty cooling drink made of kokam and coconut milk.


Prawns Tawa Fry - Sukat
Prawns Tawa Fry – Sukat
Rawas Rawa Fry
Rawas Rawa Fry

We were served crispy and juicy Prawns Tawa Fry, Rawas (Indian Salmon) Rawa Fry and Boneless Bangda Fry. Really tasty and satisfying stuff. The Sukat (dried prawns chutney) was nice too.

Bombil Thecha Fry
Bombil Thecha Fry

Star of the day for me was the Bombil Thecha Fry. Deliciously soft bombil with a super crispy skin stuffed with an extremely flavourful, garlickey and spicy thecha. It wasn’t overly spicy, just right to enjoy the taste without burning your mouth.


Fish Curry Rice Thali
Fish Curry Rice Thali

The selection of mains lit up our eyes. The spicy and earthy Kheema Ghotala and the spicy, coconutty and juicy Mutton Sukha were amazing. The Tisrya Masala was my favourite as I just adore clams. It was so flavourful, we were digging into it happily and then the spice hit! It was much hotter than expected but a lot of fun to chow down!

Kolambi Khichadi
Kolambi Khichadi

The Kolambi (Prawns) Khichadi is their house speciality available only on weekends and it’s a delight. Subtle flavours with plump juicy prawns and the accompanying curry is just fantastic!

I think Fish Curry Rice Baner is just a great place for coastal cuisine. It is slightly pricey but it is justified by the quality, fresh seafood and hygiene of the place. Now the good folk of Baner and Aundh have one for their own!

Have you been to Fish Curry Rice? Love seafood? Have anything to say about the post? Don’t forget to comment below!

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