Taste of Korea – Baan Tao, Hyatt

Taste of Korea Festival is going on at Baan Tao, Hyatt, Kalyani Nagar. Talented Korean Chef, Chef Jeong Hwangil from Park Hyatt Busan, has come over with not just his talents but also a horde of authentic Korean ingredients and spices like Ginseng, herbs and Gochujang. Delectable recipes and fabulous food is a result of this amazing pairing. I was invited along with the Food Prowl team for the Taste of Korea food tasting. The festival is on from 21 February to 5th of March. So, last few days remain for you to savour some Korean classic dishes.

Kimchi Platter
Kimchi Platter

The specialty of Korean food is fresh ingredients, slow cooking and the amazing combination of spices and pastes which results in a unique flavour. It is also very healthy due to the use of many raw vegetables, fruit and meat cooked with little or no oil. We were started off with some amazing Kimchi. A variety of picked vegetables and herbs. Each one was unique and you can add your own combinations to flavour your food.


Samgyetang Chicken Soup – Star of the meal for me. Baby chicken slow cooked for 12 hours, deboned and stuffed with rice in a light and fragrant broth with Ginseng. Beautiful subtle flavour and delicate meat. Absolute stunner.

Seafood Salad
Seaood Salad Peanut Sauce
Seaood Salad Peanut Sauce

Appetizers – The Seafood salad was fantastic. Beautifully cooked prawns, scallops and squid in a light and pungent pine nut sauce. The Deep Fried Chicken tasted amazing with the various sauces and kimchi.

Taste of Korea - Bibimbab
Taste of Korea – Bibimbab

Mains – We were served Bibimbab which is a fun little dish to eat with various vegetables on a bed of noodles topped with a poached egg. I wish the egg was runny (as we were told it should be) so that it could be mixed into the vegetables and chilly paste. Very tasty dish though. Unfortunately due to some confusion with the servers we weren’t served any other mains even though they were available for us. We really wanted to taste the Bulgogi but alas.

Red Bean Jelly, Pear, Omija Sorbet
Red Bean Jelly, Pear, Omija Sorbet

Dessert – Red Bean Jelly with Pear and Omija Sorbet. Very different and super taste, unlike anything I’ve had before.

Be sure to check out the Taste of Korea festival at Baan Tao Hyatt for taste of some authentic Korean food! Do you like Korean food? Have you had Korean food or attended this festival? Let me know in the comments below!

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