Independence Brewing Company – Tandoor and Brews

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Independence Brewing Company had been a place that I had heard about a lot but never got the chance to visit. An invite for a food tasting changed that, and boy, I’m happy it did. I had an incredible experience at the IBC and was blown away by both the brews as well as the grub. The main focus today was the hot and smoky dishes coming out of the Tandoor. The sight of the meats sizzling from the out door sitting area was extremely inviting. It was the perfect place to sit on this chilly January night and have a good time with your friends. The indoor area too is very beautiful with soft lighting setting up the mood and really good music for company.

I would like to thank both Food Prowl as well as Independence Brewing Company for inviting me to this fun tasting.


Hefeweizen – Dark Saison
Blueberry Pie

We tasted a great variety, like the Hefeweizen, Stout, IPA etc etc. I have to say my favourites were be the light and refreshing Four Grain Saison as well as the intense but flavoursome Dark Saison. Best of the lot. The Ixcacao (Stout) had a deep choco-coffee flavour without any overpowering bitterness and went down extremely pleasurably. The IPA was really good. I also tried their fruity and tangy Blueberry Pie which looked very interesting. A bright red light beer on the sweeter side, a great little stepping stone for the non-beer drinker.


We started off with some real good quality chakna! The Corn Chaat was delectable. Tangy, fresh and the extremely generous quantity of crunchy peanuts was fantastic. To soak up the beers, the crispy and chunky Home Fries, were more than upto the job.


Independence-Brewing-Company-Tangdi kebab
Tangdi kebab
Sarsonwala Jhinga

Peshawari Tangdi Kebab – Massive tangdis beautifully marinated and succulently roasted. They were juicy and smokey. Not overly spiced unlike most places.

Sarsonwale Jhinga – Plump juicy prawns subtly spiced with mustard. A real treat, but I would have loved a bit more punch of the mustard.

Lamb Chops
Seekh kabab tandoor

Tandoori Lamb Chops – Oh my God! Juicy, soft and succulent chops. Smoky, spicy and fall of the bone.

Mutton Seekh Kebab – Huge soft seekh Kebabs, spicy and bold and perfectly tandoored.

Lasooni Tikka
Fish Amritsari Tikka

Murg Hariyali Tikka and Lasooni Tikka – Two different and very tasty chicken kebabs. The Lasooni was especially nice with a heap of crunchy deep fried garlic on top.

Fish Amritsari – Amazing fish tikkas of Betki with robust flavour and great taste.

Veg Tandoori Platter

Veg Tandoori Platter – Unfortunately due to the extremely tasty non-veg kebabs, the veg platter got a bit of a step-motherly treatment, but Kalimiri Paneer Tikka, Achari Gobi and the Bharwan Kumbh, I tasted, were fantastic. Definitely held their own even in front of all the meaty competition.

Just one thing though, some of the Kebabs were spiced with a very heavy hand. The Fish, Seekh and Chops would have, in my opinion, been much better with a more subtle taste. But I completely accept most people would prefer the bold flavours.


Mediterranean Salad

I know what you’re thinking, ‘why is the bloody salad getting in the way of all the delicious food?’ But trust me, the salad was incredibly refreshing. Quite similar to a Greek salad with one of the best vinaigrettes I’ve ever tasted! Mildly sweet, tangy and light. Especially after the heavily spiced smoky kebabs and beers, the salad was a great equalizer.


Tenderloin Bulgogi

Tenderloin Bulgogi – Extremely juicy sizzling buff slices with a variety of vegetables, a supremely flavourful Korean sauce topped with sesame seeds as well as a fried egg! I don’t want anything more from life.


Asian Inspired Pork Sizzler – Succulent Pork Shoulder, delicious sauce and juicy bok choy served with rice.

Tenderloin Burger

Independence Burger – An amazing burger. Tasted as good as it looked!


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Almost dizzy with a full tummy, or may be it was the amazing brews, we powered through to desserts. The Lemon Orange Tart was tangy, creamy and delicious.  Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate tart and Chocolate Souffle was uber chocolatey and gooey. The Apple Pie was crumbly and cinnamony. A perfect end to a perfect evening.

The Independence Brewing Company is a fantastic place. The beers are kickass, the food is exceptional and the desserts are unbelievable. The ambiance is extremely classy and service is excellent too. It’s an ideal place to hang out and get your freak on with your friends or even woo a date. I’m really impressed with the place. Lives up to it’s reputation admirably.

So, have you been to IBC? Had their amazing beers? Let me know your experience or your suggestion in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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