RE Himalayan – All Parts Changed in 1.5 years

The Royal Enfield Himalayan (BS3) was launched in early 2016 and it has been a very difficult birth. It has always been a sick child (keeping with the family tradition) and repeated hospital visits are unfortunately a reality for most owners. However, due to low running or just dumb luck probably, by Himalayan has stayed fairly healthy despite being from the first batch. But my service centre (Platiinum Auto, Fatima Nagar, Pune) has being changing a lot of parts under warranty and updating a lot of stuff on the bike on a regular basis. So, I decided to post all the updates done on my bike till now. (I was not charged for a single thing I have mentioned here. It was all done under warranty)

FREE CHECK UP CAMP (3 months of ownership)

I got many calls from my service centre regarding a free check up camp for new Himalayan owners. First I thought it was just some marketing gimmick and didn’t go. The next week, though, they insisted and I went for it. I was told the bike will receive a thorough check up and parts that are found faulty shall be replaced. I then realized that this was the recall that I had written about (read here) and my “Himalayan Problems” article, which had become the most poplar ‘RE Himalayan’ articles on Google search at the time!

Royal Enfield Himalayan engine head
Royal Enfield Himalayan engine head replacement

Parts Changed

  1. Engine Head Assembly – Rocker arms, Rocker Pin, Camshaft (adjustment/replacement)
  2. Clutch Plates
  3. All Gaskets

Review – Actually my bike was already quite smooth and I didn’t have any issues of excessive noise, hard clutch or false neutrals. But the bike did seem to get a little smoother and quieter after the parts were changed. No major difference in clutch weight or gearshifts (because I didn’t have a problem anyway).

2nd SERVICE (6 months)

Complaints – I had started getting very minor oil seepage via the engine covers. Apart from that I had no issues at all and I was thoroughly enjoying the Himalayan’s superb ride, handling and off road capabilities.

Parts Changed

  1. Clutch Assembly – It was changed again saying updated parts were available.
  2. Flywheel
  3. Magneto
  4. Gaskets – Due to slight oil seepage.

Review – Clutch felt slightly lighter and engine felt a bit smoother but apart from that no major change. I anyway did not have any issues on my bike.

3rd SERVICE (1 year)

Complaints – The bike had minor oil seepage and 4 screws on my right side engine cover had fallen off.

Parts ChangedGaskets on the engine covers were changed and the missing screws were replaced.

4th SERVICE (1 year, 6 months)

Complaints – Minor oil seepage again, but no other complaints.

Parts Changed

  1. Front suspension – The bearings were changed along with a few other bits which I’m not really sure which. But a major front suspension overhaul was done. I did not have any front suspension issues.
  2. Of course, the gaskets were changed again.


  1. Turning the bike seemed a bit different as the front suspension was changed. I was told by the service centre that it will feel heavier or slitghly different till the parts set in. Which is exactly what happened.
  2. However, the engine suddenly started feeling rough and vibey after the service. The clutch too seemed heavier than before. No engine parts were changed during the service but I thought I’ll give it a few days and did not say anything to the service centre. Guess what, within 20 days I was contacted for another “Free check up camp”.

FREE CHECK UP CAMP, again (1 year, 7 months)

Complaints – As I said above the engine had become rough and vibey, the clutch was heavier and on top of that I had also started getting horrible fuel efficiency, as low as 21 kmpl in the city. Turns out this was a massive update, biggest till date.

Parts Changed

  1. Cooling System – Radiator (oil cooler) and all cooling pipes were changed. A radiator guard (from the BS4 variant) was added.
  2. Head Assembly – The whole head assembly was changed, like before. I don’t know the exact parts as they were quite secretive about it.
  3. Topper Bearing of front suspension – So, second front suspension overhaul within a month.
  4. Clutch Assembly
  5. Magneto
  6. GPS Sensor
  7. Gear Position sensor
  8. All Gaskets


  1. The engine was the biggest change. The engine became buttery smooth again. Reduced vibes and smooth power delivery.
  2. I will have to do a proper fuel efficiency test for exact numbers but it seems to have improved a tiny bit.
  3. The suspension feels good. The slight heaviness from the earlier overhaul has gone and bike feels agile and amazing to ride.

I will do couple of long rides and post a detailed review of the updated bike in a few weeks time. Even though I did not have major problems with my bike I am quite happy that Platiinum Auto and Royal Enfield are taking pains to update the bike as much as possible to keep it trouble free. I will say again, may be my low running has a major effect on reliability, so the long run will decide how well my bike fares. But I’m hoping for good reliable performance for many years to come.

Have you had similar updates on your bike? Did you have any major problems on the bike? Did your service centre solve the issue? Were you charged for the work? Feel free to let me know everything in the comments below. If you have any problems and can’t find a solution we all together can try and get Royal Enfield to get your bike fixed correctly.

And don’t forget, keep Wandering, Keep Driving and Keep eating!

Disclaimer –

  • Some of the photos here are not my own. They have been taken from Facebook with permission from the owners, at the time when I had written the original articles.
  • Normal service was carried out at the prescribed intervals and I was charged for the actual service.

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