Fish O Fish – Brilliant Seafood

Fish O Fish

Fish O Fish is a small no frills eatery in Kothrud. I will tell you straight off the bat that it was brilliant, simple as that. Food was excellent, service was attentive and efficient and everything was exactly how one imagines a Konkani Sea Food restaurant would be. But don’t close the post just yet, many juicy details follow.

Sol Kadhi

We started off with some Sol Kadhi, extremely soothing in the warmish winter afternoon. Perfect and not too sweet or tart, as it is at most places.


Bombil Rawa Fry
Prawns Rawa Fry

Bombil Rawa Fry – Splendidly crisp rawa coating and succulent soft fish inside. Perfect consistency, unlike many places where the flesh is too slimy.

Prawns Rawa Fry – Crisp and juicy and packed full of flavour. The masala had seeped deep into the flesh and tasted amazing.

Chicken Sukha
Surmai Tawa Fry

Chicken Sukha – Deliciously caramelized oniony and garlicy masala, slightly spicy and soft perfectly cooked chicken. I could eat this all day, everyday.

Surmai Tawa Fry – Spicy but not overpowering masala, juicy and perfectly fried fish. Couldn’t get enough of this.

Bangda Fry

Bangda Fry – Both Rawa and Tawa variants were served. The fish was really soft and succulent. Most places end up overcooking it, but not here! The flavour was incredible too. This is a slightly boney fish so takes a bit of work to enjoy it. It’s my favourite fish, though.



Fish Karwari Curry – Wonderful spicy and tangy bright orange North coastal Karnataka style fish curry. So good!

Mutton Kala Masala – Spicy and rich curry with juicy melt in your mouth mutton. Excellent stuff.

Goan Prawns Curry – Mild and soothing coconut milk based Goan speciality. This was one of the most authentic Goan Curries you’ll find in Pune. It was a bit curdled though, but that is easily fixable and not a deal breaker. The feedback was graciously accepted by the owner.

Crab Sukha

Crab Sukha – Look at that monster! If you like crab, get your butt here right now! Juicy, succulent (my God, my vocabulary has been exhausted!) crab in a caramalized onion and garlic masala similar to the chicken. Lot of work to remove every morsel of crab, but it’s so bloody worth it. Delicious dish.

We were served Kokani speciality Tandalachi Bhakari or rice bhakari. Thin, crispy and it soaked up the curries with aplomb. The standard chapati and rice too were really good.


The accompanying spicy red and coconutty green chutney were flavourful and great with the food. The Sukat or dried mini prawn pickle was superb. Spicy, crispy and devoid of any excessive fishy flavour.

I really loved Fish O Fish. The sea food is extremely fresh and the flavours are bang on and authentic. It’s a small place so don’t expect 5-star luxuries but it deliviers on quality, hygiene as well as quantity. Fish O Fish has become my go-to “fishy” place. Thank heavens, it’s so close to my home!

I would like to thank the owner, Ajinkya Bagde, as well as Food Prowl for inviting me to this delicious food tasting to Fish O Fish.

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  1. Good to see the comments
    And happy to let you know that I’m supplying fish to Fish o Fish cool person Ajinkya very energetic and businessman guy
    Good sea food with lots of eagerness to learn from Customer’s feedback
    So please do visit his restaurant 🙏🏻


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