Gong – Special Occasion, Special Place

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It was a tremendous occasion, Food Prowl’s 100th exclusive food tasting and what better place to celebrate it than at Gong Modern Asian at Balewadi High-Street. The place is extremely trendy with beautiful interiors and fantastic lighting. At night especially, the place buzzes with energy and a fantastic vibe. Gong is a great place for celebrations, dates or a classy hangout for your gang. Of course you can drop down just to enjoy some extremely delicious modern Pan Asian cuisine too.

The table was set beautifully for each diner along with a fantastic Tofu and Rasberry Droplet Sphere Amuse Bouche. What a way to begin the lunch. We were invited to try their new unlimited 5-course lunch menu which, at just Rs 475 + taxes, doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket . If you want some sushi just add Rs 75, which is just a fantastic deal if you ask me.


Green Papaya Salad – A classic Thai delicacy. Tangy and fresh raw papaya topped with cherry tomatoes and heaps of roasted peanuts. Transports you to the streets of Bangkok.

Sushi – Asparagus Tempura Roll for the vegetarians and the Ebi Tempura Roll for us carnivores. Soft sticky rice filled with super crisp and flavourful filling, topped with tempura crackers and sauce.

Cheung Fun – Beautiful little soft rolls with crispy vegetable and prawn variants. Super tasty served with a delectable soy based sauce. Fresh and delicious.

Edmame and Truffle Dumplings – Delicate dumplings filled with a creamy, soft and delicious bright green filling. Very different and very tasty.




Asian Ravioli – A super delicious, mad little fusion dish, served in a cocktail glass. Cottage Cheese and succulent Crab fillings for the veg and non-veg variety respectively. Dunked in an extremely flavourful Thai Red Curry style sauce. Quite a stunner.

Crispy Lotus Stem – Super crispy and thin, deep fried lotus stems coated in a sticky and spicy sauce. Very moreish.




Vietnamese Fish Parma Fingers – This dish brought some theatre and fun to the occasion. Deliciously crispy fish fingers which you have to assemble yourself with any toppings you like. Take a lettuce leaf, add a couple of fish fingers and go crazy with the sauces, kimchi, salad and shaved coconut. It tastes utterly delicious any way you eat it. Big thumbs up to this stuff.




Chicken Pixian – Delicious dish with cubed chicken in a thick, spicy gravy with red chilly and cashews, served beautifully in a Crisp Tuile.


Lamb Shank Peanut Curry – Mighty succulent meat that slipped of the bone in a rich and flavourful peanut curry. I found it a bit odd as the flavour of the lamb and curry did not go perfectly together. But still a pretty tasty dish.




Stir Fried Tofu Asian Greens – A subtle and simple stir fry.

Tofu and Zucchini Lasagna – Another great fusion dish. Layers of vegetables and tofu in a superb coconut based curry.





We were served amazing Burnt Garlic Fried Rice and the perfectly awesome Soba Yaki Noodles (buck wheat) along with the mains. The Soba Yaki are definitely a must try, very healthy too!


Chocolate Dome was a dramatic dessert. A huge dome, hiding delicious goodies like brownie pieces, ice cream and salty pop corn, was demolished in front of your eyes by pouring hot chocolate on top of it. It was amazing and we were left fighting for scoops of the sweet and delicious mess.




Forest by the Night was a pretty dish; a chocolate log filled with chocolate parfait topped with raspberry coulis and chocolate soil. The chocolate log was too think and a chore to break, but the dish tasted pretty good.

Mango Cheesecake was pretty decent.


A definite thumbs up. Great ambiance, amazing vibe and great food. Not your classical authentic Asian cuisine, but a great variety of traditional, fusion and innovative dishes. The emphasis is on great taste and a very memorable experience.

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