Paddy’s Cafe – Best Grub in Kothrud

Paddy's Cafe Ambiance

Paddy’s Cafe is a welcome new addition to one of the latest hot spots of Pune – Kothrud. Younger population, lot’s of students and a very enthusiastic middle aged crowd makes it an ideal place for casual and continental cuisine. I was invited for an exclusive food tasting at the Paddy’s Cafe along with the Food Prowl team. Located inside the Solaris Club, the setting is fantastic. Classic wood furniture, open kitchen and bistro cafe type feel, opening up to the view of tennis courts and the club house. It’s open and airy but lack of air conditioning means, summer afternoons may get slightly uncomfortable. But every other time it’s great. (Note – The restaurant is open to all and not exclusive to Solaris members)


Paddy's Cafe Oreo Shake

Oreo Milkshake was creamy, frothy and loaded with pulverized oreos. Refreshing and cold. They have a wide selection of coffee, speciality teas and milkshakes and everything is really good.


Paddy's Cafe Fried Meatballs

Fried Chicken Meatballs – Fantastically crispy, with a soft minced chicken filling and a dollop of cheese at the centre. A really tasty appetizer.


Veggie Burger – Vegetarians have always complained that they have no real options for a burger other than that crappy McDonald’s stuff. But this Veggie Burger is the answer to all your burger desires. The patty is crispy, loaded with vegetables and spices along with cheese stuffed between fresh in-house bun and mayo. This is a killer burger even for a hard core non-vegetarian like me.

Harissa Chicken Burger – A fantastic burger with spicy harissa marinated grilled chicken chunks. Different and tasty.


BBQ Chicken Pizza – Sweet and tangy sauce, huge pieces of chicken and an extremely generous amount of cheese. The base was hand rolled and crispy. The outer edges, though, were slightly burnt.

Creamy Chicken Pizza – Another fantastic pizza. Creamy, cheesy and crispy.

I would have loved a little less cheese on the pizza, but the cheese lovers among you (of which, I know, are many) will absolutely love it.


Basil Pesto – A brilliant veg sandwich. Loads of sauteed vegetables doused in a fantastic pesto sauce, wrapped around in panini bread. Wholesome, fresh and really tasty. The pesto was utterly delicious.

Grilled Chicken – Chunky grilled chicken in a creamy mayo sauce. Light and tasty.

Jerk Chicken – Spicy jerk chicken and cheese. Really good.

BBQ Chicken – A real gem! Tangy and sweet sauce with juicy chicken and fresh bread. Excellent stuff. The BBQ sauce was a little too sweet for me though.

All their breads, pizza dough and buns are made in-house and are super fresh, soft and tasty. One of the best I’ve had in Pune. Their fries served on the side are amazing too. Crispy, light and perfectly seasoned.


Arabiatta Pasta – Bright red sauce, slightly tangy, perfect amount of toppings with al dente penne. A classic and brilliant pasta.

Pink Sauce Pasta – A great pink sauce, creamy and slightly cheesy.


Play the video!! ⇓⇓


Fluffy Pancakes – Get ready for the fluffiest and spongiest pancakes you have ever seen. Stacked 3 layers tall and crisped to perfection on the outside. Drizzled generously with high quality maple syrup, surrounded with dollops of whipped cream. This is a decadent and satisfying meal in itself. Crazy!

They also have an assortment of many desserts like cupcakes, cakes and brownies.


Paddy’s cafe is a really amazing place. I wasn’t expecting the quality of the food to be so high. The food is simple, honest and made with a lot of care and attention to detail. It’s a great place to hang out, spend a lovely Sunday evening or even have a special proper meal. The staff really take great care of you and are always ready to help. I eat here quite often and have always been impressed with the food as well as service. Definite thumbs up!

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