The Flour Works – Exquisite European Experience

The Flour Works is a very popular name in Pune and from the cozy streets of KP comes their second branch into the hustle and bustle of Salunkhe Vihar road. Lovely outdoor seating for pleasant evenings and a beautifully appointed space indoors. It oozes European charm with comfy sofas , long tables, a massive (and highly tempting) dessert cabinet and windows festooned with their amazing baked goods. This is a place I wouldn’t mind lazying around for hours with a cake and an Americano or hopping myself up on couple of Espressos and smashing away at my laptop in a corner. Though, it’s an ideal place for a date or hanging out with your squad.

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The Vietnamese Ice Tea was so refreshing, strong ice tea with a serious helping of condensed milk. Very traditional and very tasty but really sweet too. We kept the calories coming with the decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie and the creamy – tangy Kiwi Blueberry Smoothie. My favourite though was the Vietnamese Cold Coffee. Strong cold black coffee with condensed milk.



Stir Fried Chicken with Balsamic Glaze was like a Chinese Chicken Pepper Fry that’s moved to Europe and changed it’s name to Jon Luc. Sweet and sour but very different than what you expect; very tasty though. The Boneless Buffalo Wings was another different but flavourful dish. The traditional tangy slurpy wings without the messiness of eating with your hands.

The vegetarians were not ignored, being served the quite delightful Spinach and Goat cheese Tartlets with really crisp and crumbly pastry base. I would have loved a more prominent goat’s cheese flavour though. The Vegetable and Cheese Croquettes were tasty. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside served with a rather watery yogurt sauce.


Honey Sriracha Chicken Pizza was a winner. Subtly spicy and sweet with a bit of tang and loads of cheese on a thin and crispy base.

Pork Spare Ribs with Citrus Chilly Jam was a revelation! Rich and succulent meat with a bright sweet, orangey and mildly spicy jam. It was really nice and served with amazing creamy mashed potatoes.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Spicy Caramel Glaze and sauteed mushrooms was a wholesome plate of food. Beautifully cooked chicken and a wonderful spicy and tangy sauce. Some sauteed mushrooms and vegetables rounded off the meal.

Curried Slow Cooked Chicken Thighs were succulent and the wine sauce was subtle and flavourful.

Provencal Lamb Stew was a warm and cozy winter dish. Big juicy pieces of lamb, potatoes and vegetables cooked for hours in a thick full bodied sauce.

Crispy Pork Belly was the prettiest dish served but unfortunately the skin was overcooked and hard. The flavours were great but we couldn’t eat it.

Garlic bread was served with a lot of dishes and it was fantastic too. Crispy and buttery.


We were served an assortment of desserts and they basically hit the ball out of the park. They were decadent, intense and were prepared with some super technique and attention to detail.

Chocolate Terrine with Caramel Whipped Cream as well as the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Orange Caramel Filling and Creamy Orange sauce were sinful and exquisite.

Caramel Pannacotta was another gem. Creamy and soft served with a moist, dense and flavour packed ginger bread. All doused in a superb caramel sauce.

Custard Quartet was a foursome of custard desserts, with the Creme Brulee triumphing the sibling rivalry.

The Perfect Climax came with 3 delicious Hot Chocolates. Forget your garden variety concoctions, even the plain one was unbelievably thick, dark and rather naughty. The Orange Hot Chocolate was zesty and facetious, while the Spiced Hot Chocolate was bold and provocative. The lashing rain, cool breeze and the Hot Chocolates, it was all a bit magical really.


Yay or Nay?

I don’t think I need to say it out loud, I loved the place. Brilliant food, mind bowing desserts, beautiful ambiance and very good service. It is a gem of a place and lives up to the reputation. The Flour Works is one of those ‘must visit’ restaurants of Pune.

I would like to thank Food Prowl and The Flour Works for inviting me for this food tasting. Have you visited here, do you have any favourite dishes or have anything to say about the review? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section. And remember, Keep Wandering, Keep Driving and Keep Eating!

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