Effingut Brewerkz Kharadi – Loved It!

Effingut Brewerkz instantly implies quality, superb food, hell of a good time and of course, some kickass craft beer. Effingut Brewerkz has now opened it’s doors at Kharadi, where I was invited along with Food Prowl for an exclusive food tasting. New location means new ideas, new requirements and thus a new menu. Most of your favourites from Baner and KP have been retained [Read here] with many new additions curated specially for the office going ‘quick lunch and fun-on-the-go’ kind of crowd.




Dare I say, Kharadi is now my favourite Effingut! A spacious outdoor seating with wooden benches for those lazy summer evenings and a characterful interior with tall bar style seating and couches. There is a lot of natural light, it feels airy and spacious but still retains the pub-style coziness. The whole place is littered with artfully arranged old car parts and extremely witty quotes and banners. Of course, could there ever be an Effingut without a Rajdoot Bobby? This place has a bright green one! The setting oozes passion and it’s impossible not to feel an instant attachment to the place.


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We tried some dark refreshing Dunkelweizen, the light crisp Kolsch and the golden everglow that is the Hefeweizen. The beers here are just amazing.



Crispy Chicken Balls – Deep fried little balls of heaven. Crispy, spicy and scrumptious. These little buggers kick some serious arse. Perfect beer grub!

Golden Fried Prawns – Crispy and chunky tiger prawns deep fried on a stick with an ‘explosion in your mouth’ Sambal sauce. Incredible.

Spring Rolls – The Veg spring rolls were amazing. Crisp, juicy and so tasty despite the minimal spice and subtle seasoning. The chicken ones were equally good with the added meatiness for us carnivores.

Loaded BBQ Potatoes – Just imagine fresh, crispy and chunky fries doused with a sweet – tangy BBQ sauce, topped with some rich cheese. Savoury, spicy, cheesy and tangy. Excuse me, please wipe that drool off your face, sir. Thank you.

Tequila, Lime and Thyme Prawns – A dish as pretty as a picture. Big juicy prawns in a mild and creamy sauce inside an intense and crispy parmesan basket. And it’s got tequila! Need I say more?

Threaded Cottage Cheese – Another crispy treat for the non-non-vegetarians. Pretty good.

Kathi Roll – The Thecha Chicken was absolutely smashing. The thecha was perfect. All the flavour and sharpness of the green chilly, but none of the heart stopping heat along with lot’s of garlic. The chicken was succulent and the roti was soft. The Veg Mexican roll had cajun style paneer and vegetables. I didn’t quite warm up to this dish though, it was good but not my cup of tea, really.


Pulled Pork and Bacon Pizza – There is no PG-13 version for my feelings towards this pizza. All I will say is you have to go there now and try this once! But make sure you cover the eyes and ears of your kids before you eat this. And please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Quattro Formaggio Pizza – Okay, you can stop covering eyes and ears of your kids now, we are in safe territory again. A classic rich cheesy pizza with perfect tangy tomato sauce topped with some rocket for freshness and a drop of balsamic. Extremely tasty. You don’t need to be a non-non-vegetarian to enjoy this.


Hefeweizen Banana Trifle – We’ve all indulged ourselves in some of Effingut’s Beeramisu, now make room for some Hefeweizen Banana Trifle. Extremely tasty layered dessert topped with caramalized toffee bananas and hint of Hefeweizen. I just fell in love with this.

Hazelnut Cheesecake – A beautiful looking dish and a very different take on the cheesecake. I would have loved a bolder flavour and texture though. It would been perfect with more of the rich cheesiness and toasty nuttiness of the hazelnut.


Effingut Kharadi is as legendary as any Effingut. Great place for a date, a party and even for a quick bite. We were there for their ‘Acoustic Sunday’ and were absolutely gobsmacked by Swaroop from the band Nu Edge. A massive shout out to him for his brilliant, varied and heart touching music. It made our visit all the more special.

If you want to know more about their drinks and food read this. Do you like craft beer? Are you a fan of Effingut? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget – keep Wandering, keep Driving and keep Eating! Cheers!

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