The Courtyard – Exclusive Food Tasting

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When you’re looking for a fancy restaurant for a special dinner or celebration, Kothrud isn’t the first place you think of. But one restaurant has decided to change that. The Courtyard, located in the small lanes of Paud road, just opened its doors a few months ago and has already gained a lot of popularity among Kothrudkars. I was invited by Food Prowl for an exclusive food tasting at The Courtyard.

The soul of a restaurant sometimes isn’t just the ambiance or food, but the owners as well. At the Courtyard all these factors meld together to deliver an amazing experience. The owners are always present at the restaurant to welcome the customers, greet them with a child-like enthusiasm, making sure every customer is looked after and any issues, if at all, taken care of. I say this because I have been there before and have had the same experience, instantly making me feel an attachment to the place.

The clean, modern and beautiful ambience of this place is not matched by any other restaurant in the area. Bright, spacious and comfortable, everything bathed in crisp white paint with a minimalistic and classy decor. Almost feels like you’re sitting in some quaint Greek coastal town.


The Courtyard has a huge selection of food with no less than 21 pages on their menu! They have a selection of Continental, Asian as well as Indian cuisine on offer.


Zuppa di Broccoli – A simple, hearty and flavourful soup. Subtle flavours of broccoli layered with tinge of more vegetables like corn and mushroom. Very creamy and instantly warms your insides.


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Murgh Paprika Tikka – A great little kabab with a twist. The spicy and smoky flavour of the paprika goes very well with the tandoor grilled chicken.  Very different and interesting.

Butter Garlic Prawns – A smashing little dish, with an equally quirky presentation. It almost looks like a whole crab on the the plate. The perfectly cooked prawns are topped with a punchy butter garlic sauce. Really tasty stuff.

Paneer Shashlik – A brilliant grilled paneer dish. Perfect amount of spice with a creamy and savoury sauce. Again a brilliant mash up of Indian and international flavours.

Corn Cheese Balls – Deep fried balls, satisfyingly cripy and well flavoured. A little difficult to dip into the mayo sauce at the bottom of the tall glass but the flavour combination was superb.

Wrapped Cottage Cheese – Chunky cottage cheese in a crispy coating. Tasted great with the salsa sauce, but the pieces themselves lacked a bit of flavour. A little more spice and seasoning will lift it up a lot.


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Chicken Steak in Rum and Mushroom Sauce – Really flavour packed dish. The meaty and intense sauce doused onto a thick, chunky and juicy chicken steak. The sides of sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes too were brilliant. Real comfort food.

Burmese Khow Suey – The popularity of this dish has exploded in the last few years and rightly so. The beautiful fragrant coconut based yellow curry and the exciting process of the garnishing the dish with various toppings like fried shallots, garlic, spring onions, chilly, peanuts and a squeeze of lime makes it a fun dish. This one is definitely up there, with lot of flavour and elegant presentation.

Indian Mains

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Tawa Veg – Very tasty dry vegetable dish. Perfectly spicy and a bit smoky.

Lasooni Paneer Tikka Masala – Excellent curry. Very different to the usual tomato based curries one normally is used to. Burst of garlic flavour and perfectly grilled paneer chunks. Very nice dish.

Lasooni Dal Fry – No explaination needed. A really nice dal hopped up with garlic flavour.

We were served the brilliantly different Jungli Naan and Butter Garlic Roti with the curries. The Kesariya Pulao was especially nice.


Crispy Honey Noodles with Chikki Ice Cream – You read it right, Chikki ice cream. It was fantastic. Sweet and caramelized with actual bits of crunchy chikki mixed through. Real stunner and went along perfectly with the crispy noodles, which, thankfully, weren’t overly sweet. Really innovative and brilliant dessert.


The Courtyard is definitely a great place for the experience, food as well as the ambiance. The prices may seem a tad on the higher side, especially for Kothrud, but it is definitely worth it. You can be assured you will be taken care of and served exceptional food.

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