Himalayan BS4 Revealed – Analysis of Changes

Guess what guys, the RE Himalayan BS4 has finally broken cover. There has been speculation that it will be launched in the month of August and it has finally made an appearance. These are photos as seen on the Instagram account of Anas Nizam who claims this is the BS4 version of our beloved Himalayan. In this post I will give a basic analysis of the changes made to the Himalayan.

Fuel injection – The first obvious thing to notice is the new Fuel Injection system for the Himalayan. 4 things that directly point to this –

  • Lack of a Carburetor
  • Fuel Pump on the bottom of the tank
  • O2 sensor on the exhaust

These are the basic components of any Fuel injection system so we can be sure this is the BS4 Himalayan. This hopefully will contribute to better acceleration, linear power delivery as well as better fuel economy. (Along with lower emissions of course!)

The other changes are cosmetic  –

  • Blacked out parts
  1. Triple clamp and handle bar mount
  2. Fuel filler cap
  3. Part which houses the key for releasing the rear seat.


These components are probably just to differentiate the new BS4 version to the older carbureted Himalayan. It is also possible that these parts are made from a different alloy to prevent rusting, degradation or paint chipping off these parts (thanks to Jacob Varghese for this explanation). Or they might even be just powder coated for the same reason.

Unfortunately there is no news about ABS which most of us have been eagerly waiting for. Let’s keep out fingers crossed for the same. Royal Enfield has promised to fix all the problems with this new BS4 version that us Himalayan owners have faced in the year of the bike’s launch Read – (Himalayan Problems) Hopefully this Himalayan 2.0 will be more reliable, more robust and of course give better fuel economy than the current bike, which to be honest has been eating into our modest middle class wallets!

Can you notice any other differences? Have anything more to add to the above points? Wish for some more changes that you want in the new and improved Himalayan? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

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Stay tuned a test ride review of the BS4 Himalayan will be posted as soon as I get my hands on one. Cheers!

Photo Source – Shifaz Siyad. Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Group (Facebook)

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