The Ugly Duckling – Smoking isn’t Injurious to Your Health!

Smoking, for time immemorial, has been making stuff extremely interesting, delicious, and highly desirable! And, amazingly, it works on food too! This little eatery in Baner has been converting various meats into delectable dishes with the city’s only real in-house smoking machine. Low and slow is the law of the land and they perform the whole smoking process themselves.

I was invited by Food Prowl to The Ugly Duckling for an exclusive food tasting for their new updated menu. This place is a meat lovers paradise with quite an extensive selection for all your hogging, snacking and celebrating needs. This place is about food, so don’t expect luxurious ambiance or fancy frills. The setting is simple and clean, cafe style. The first thing that hits you is the fantastic smell of smoked meats and fragrant sauces.

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We started off with some speciality lemonades – watermelon, basil and lavender. They were really refreshing and tasted great. The Lavender especially was fantastic, with a sweet floral aroma and taste. One of their signature mocktails is the Deadpool – a crazy drink spiked with jalapenos, spicy but delicious. I really enjoyed the Irish Cream Soda, refreshing, creamy and fizzy. Comes in a really tall glass and looks amazing too.


The smell of bacon filled the room as our hearts filled with porky happiness! The Bacon Cheesy Wedges were a hit. Gooey cheese and potato with the robust fatty and porky bacon! Need I say more.

BBQ Wings are a classic and were delicious. Beautifully smoky tender wings doused in sweet, sticky and tangy BBQ sauce! Remember to wash your hands before you eat this, ‘cos you’re gonna be licking them forever. Another dish was the Buffalo Wings slathered with a spicy, pungent and flavourful red chilly sauce.

Onion rings were really good too. Classic beer food! Or mocktail food here.



Chimichuri Chicken minute steak – Meaty pan grilled chicken steaks with a herby and delicious chimichuri sauce. A real winner of a dish. Loved it.

Smoked Pork with Gravy – The pork was unbelievably succulent and smoky. I would have loved a bit more punch in the gravy though, but a really tasty dish!

Smoked Duck with Spicy Orange sauce – This is what I was looking forward to the most! The duck legs looked fantastic and tasted even better! Fall off the bone juicy-smoky duck meat with a really flavourful and tangy sauce. Really exotic.

Smoked Chicken in BBQ sauce – Wonderfully tender chicken in a spicy sauce similar to the Buffalo wings.

Lamb Shepherd’s Pie – Delicious Shephard’s pie! Meaty lamb mince in a tangy sauce topped with a pleasurably generous amount of cheese.

Oh My Chicken Pizza – Amazing pesto based pizza with loads of chicken sausage and lot’s of cheese. Puts a smile on your face.

Burgers – We had the smoky, delicious Pulled Pork Burger and the perfect breaky sandwich – the Egg Bacon Cheesy Burger.


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Frozen Hot Chocolate – Their signature dessert. A ravishing overload of chocolate topped with whipped cream, perfectly frozen. Do you love chocolate, then why aren’t you already there yet?

Bread Pudding – Cinnamony soft dense pudding served with slices of apple. Perfect combination. I really loved it. Comfort food!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate – Looks beautiful and tastes amazing! I don’t really need to describe this. It tastes exactly as good as it sounds!

I loved the food at The Ugly Duckling. It’s a great concept and the food is just fantastic. It’s a place you go with your foodie friends to hog. You can chill here and have a nice sandwich or pizza but what you really want to do is stuff your face with the delicious food. And don’t get me wrong the food is very well thought out, wonderfully balanced and flavourful but eating light is an abomination here.

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