Jams from Heaven – Tasha & Girl

Are we living in the best times in terms of food right now? I think so! The local, small scale, ‘straight from the heart’ section of Pune’s food industry is booming and I’m ever so grateful for it. We were contacted by Kedar Anil Gadgil, whose wife, Natasha Singh-Gadgil, is owner of Tasha & Girl, to try their new jams and we couldn’t be more excited. Jams made from local grown ingredients, produced right outside the city, on a small farm near Sinhagad – all just sounds so fascinating!

The neatly packaged jams arrived in boxes with witty little notes describing the conception and the basic philosophy of Tasha & Girl. The tiny adorable bottles housed some of the most fresh and fragrant stuff I’ve ever experienced. We opened them one by one like presents on a Christmas morning, or at least how kids in ‘phoren‘ movies do and dug into each flavour; giggling!

We received 7 flavours –

Strawberry and Ginger – Unusual combination, but worked like magic. The sweet strawberry cut through by the spice of ginger and amazing fragrance.

Strawberry and Pepper – The pepper takes a moment to hit but it feels amazing on the throat as it goes down. Very different and compliments the strawberry well.

Strawberry and Lavender – Sweet and flowery heaven! Tasted amazing. I found it a touch too sweet though, but very flavourful!

Strawberry and Mint – I wasn’t sure about this one, but the burst of freshness just cleared any hesitation.

Figs and Cinnamon – It just sounds divine, doesn’t it? It was exactly as good as you think it was!

Figs and Ginger – So incredible! It’s a match made in heaven. It was like the worlds of Anjeer Barfi (Fig Barfi) and Aale Paak (Ginger Candy) crashing together into a delicious mess!

Mango and Pepper – The Pune food scene has gone ‘Mango-Mad’ this summer and this jam brings some sanity to the Mangofied world. I am not a terribly huge fan of Mangoes but this jam did it for me. It adds a certain zing to the sweet, tangy fruit. Nice!

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Kedar encouraged us to try different ways of savouring the jams, like using them as toppings for ice cream or desserts! Light bulb moment! We scraped together whatever was left and tried it with vanilla ice cream! My god, I went berserk after that. I tried Fig-Ginger, Strawberry-Mint and Strawberry-Lavender and the flavour combination was unbelievable. The Strawberry-Lavender-Vanilla especially, blew my mind!

I think Tasha & Girl jams are going to become my go-to for everything. Toppings for corn flakes, ice cream, milkshakes, desserts and of course, spreading heaps of it on bread and hot ghee laden chapatis on Sunday mornings. (Trying to stop grinning like an idiot.)

Check out their website – Tasha & Girl to order stuff. There are many more flavours to try. You can even contact them on their Facebook Page – FaceBook – Tasha & Girl.

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