Murphies – Potatottaly Awesome!

If you didn’t get it from the title, there are going to be a lot of potatoes in this post. The word ‘Murph’ comes from the Irish slang for potatoes. So a lot of the menu at Murphies, KP, is based around some interesting and quite imaginative recipes revolving around those little starchy balls of pleasure. But there is a lot more to the menu apart from that, with delectable starters, great salads, juicy steaks and wonderful desserts. And what goes well with all that potato goodness? You got that right, beer! Great beers from around the world make this an ideal place to hang out and chill with a bunch of friends or watch a good ol’ match.

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Murphies is a casual cafe sort of a place, with soft warm lighting and an open airy feel. The al fresco area has a beer garden type setting with wooden benches and a bar.



BBQ Pork Skins – One of the Murphies specialities. Crispy and herby deep fried potato skins topped with succulent pulled BBQ pork. Perfect combination of salty, sweet, tangy and cheesy. Wait, where’s my beer?…


Bacon Wrapped Prawns – Do I need to explain this? Soft meaty prawns in a blanket of salty, crispy and fatty bacon. Close your mouth please, thank you!


Chicken Strips – I think this was my favourite starter. Juicy chicken in a flaky batter deep fried to perfection. The batter was so crispy and delicate and the chicken was so flavourful, it was unbelievable. I dare you to eat KFC ever again!

Beef Quesadillas – A Mexican classic. Very tasty and filling, but some pieces of the beef (buff) were a bit chewy.

Potato Crisps – Crispy potato skins with saffron aioli. Exactly same as the BBQ Pork Skins, but without the pork. Damn you vegetarians!


One of the main reasons we were here was to taste these beauties. This is basically a slow baked open potato. The skin becomes crispy and the insides are mixed up with a variety of toppings to transform into a delicious mash which is topped with a generous helping of cheese!

Bacon and Mushroom – Have you heard the expression, ‘Bacon makes everything better’? Look no further for proof. An amazing combination, with the starchiness of the potato balanced out beautifully by the meaty mushrooms and the salty fatty bacon. Really healthy too!

Tuna – Amazing ground tuna mixed with vegetables and cheese. Really tasty, especially for fish lovers.

Steak and Gravy – A Murph with huge succulent chunks of grilled pork with a mild but really tasty gravy sauce topped with cheese. Not a bang of flavour like the others but I still liked it a lot. The pork was beautifully cooked and really flavourful.



Cajun Chicken – Two massive breasts of tender juicy chicken doused generously with an extremely flavour packed Cajun sauce. It was amazing. I couldn’t stop eating it. The sides of mushroom, coleslaw and the omnipresent potato mash were amazing too.


Fish Steak – A massive fillet of Kingfish grilled to perfection, topped with gravy, mushrooms and veggies served with a side of pasta and salad. The fish was impeccably cooked and the flavours were spot on. If you’re not a fish eater, this might just convert you!


Pork Belly – Huge steaks of pork belly grilled, drenched in sauce and served with a bacon mash. Really tasty, but the belly was a bit overcooked and tough, but the taste was brilliant. A well cooked soft belly would be awesome.


Strawberry-Banana Smoothie – Tangy, sweet and creamy fro-yo based smoothie. Very tasty and satisfying.

Very Berry Smoothie – A berry overload! Fro-yo mixed with a barrage of berries – blue, black and even straw ones. Tangy and creamy!

We also ordered some Ice Tea, Iced Americano as well as a Frappucino which all were really well made and tasty. Real thirst quenchers and very refreshing.

Murphies is a really cool place to chill out, have a couple of drinks and dig into some delicious food. The place is just an year old but has already earned some die hard fans, including yours truly. The music is banging too, really awesome stuff adding to the magic of the place. And if you love potatoes, tell me, why are you not there already?

I would love to thank Food Prowl as well as Murphies for inviting me for the Food Tasting. I had a great time!

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