94 House Bistro – Exclusive Tasting

The 94 house Bistro is a cool and hip new joint in Viman Nagar with a very young vibe. No surprise considering the owners being a couple of energetic 20-somethings, fired up with new ideas and heaps of passion. The name has special significance, both of them were born in the year ’94. Feeling old yet?

The decor is a manifestation of the owners’ personalities and is covered with memorabilia and design all from the mid-90s, which we remember all too well. The walls are strewn with our favourite cartoon characters, computer games and quotes from iconic 90s movies. It’s a fun place to hangout.

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Chicken Ceasar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad – Classic fresh and crunchy lettuce salad topped with loads of shredded chicken and sharp parmesan cheese. It was served with a garlicey, buttery and crisp garlic bread on the side.

94-House-Bistro-chicken wings
Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings – Juicy and chunky, perfectly grilled chicken wings doused with sweet, tangy and spicy barbecue sauce. Really morish.

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks – Crispy golden fingers packed with gooey and stringy mozzarella cheese inside. The dip was fantastic too.



Strawberry Avocado Shake – A frothy refreshing shake with sweet – tangy strawberry and creamy avocado. Really tasty and different.

Saffron Shake – Again a very different milkshake packed with saffron. Really creamy and extremely refreshing in the summer heat. Very simple and flavourful drink.

Lemon Grass Cooler – A very unusual but very tasty drink packed with lemon grass freshness.

Watermelon and Mint – Fizzy drink with watermelon and minty goodness. Very refreshing.


Pesto Pollo Pizza – Crispy thin crust pizza with very flavourful pesto and shredded chicken. Topped with stringy mozzarella and fresh basil. Awesome stuff, I could have had the whole thing myself.

Spicy Corn Jalapeno Pizza – Loads of fresh vegetables, corn, spicy jalapenos and cheese. Very satisfying pizza.


Shino Yaki Burger

Lamb Shino Yaki Burger – A flavour-packed patty of teriyaki glazed lamb with veggies and cheese within some really fresh toasted bun. A very new and extremely lovely burger. It was served with an amazing apple dip.

Chicken Double Melt Burger

Double Melt Burger – A thick juicy chicken burger with two types of cheese, served with some mustard mayo. Very good.


Mac and Cheese Burger – A huge, deep fried, super crispy patty of mac and cheese in a burger! Innovative and extremely tasty. It’s very rare that I commit the sin of preferring a vegetarian dish over a meaty one, but this one was worth it!



Apple Cinnamon Waffles – The name says it all, except how packed full of flavour the waffles were! It was like eating a cinnomony apple pie drizzled with sweet maple syrup and an amazing vanilla ice cream. Not your generic crap, but real vanilla ice cream. Heavenly stuff.


What’s one of the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summers? Apart from mangoes I think a cold refreshing ice gola is definitely on top of the list. Guess what, now you can have an amazing gola in the comfort of an air conditioned cafe with many exciting flavours! And of course without the risk of upsetting your stomach.

They brought out a colourful selection of beautiful golas served up in fancy margherita glasses! The classic kala khatta, mango and orange were awesome, no doubt, but what blew our minds were their speciality ones. Mojito – lemony and minty. Choco mocha – surprisingly good! Gola-E-Royale – mango, rose and khova topped with dry fruits! Superb. And the, wait for it, Kachi Kairi – Tangy and packed with raw mango flavour! We pounced on them and devoured them all. With prices as low as Rs. 40 to Rs. 70 for the golas, they are super VFM.


Americano – Strong and dark with a good ol’ kick. Amazing coffee. Served with a soft and fluffy dark chocolate muffin. It was out of this world.

Green Tea – Refreshing, light and healthy, served with honey and a muffin which again was really amazing!

Kashmiri Kahwah – One of the owners being a Kashmiri, you know you’re getting the real deal. The Kahwah was strong, fresh and full of sliced dry fruits. Definitely one of the best I’ve had. No surprise given it is sourced right from the magical land of Kashmir.

94 House is an amazing cafe. Brilliant food, great drinks and some kickass golas. Everything at very reasonable prices. It’s a great place for everybody, no matter if you’ve lived through the 90’s or you’re one of those hip millennials.

I would like to thank 94 House Bistro as well as Food Prowl for inviting me for the tasting. Awesome food, awesome time!


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