Nisarg Seafood Restaurant – Best Seafood in Town!

A few days ago, I had an amazing dinner at Nisarg Seafood Restaurant, Nal Stop. In my opinion, it’s one of the best sea food restaurants in Pune. Extremely high quality food and reasonable prices. The ambiance is very elegant and beautiful with indoor as well as outdoor seating.
Surmai Rava Fry
Surmai Rava Fry – Boneless chunks of surmai (king fish) deep fried to perfection. Amazingly crispy rava crust and juicy succulent flesh. The speciality here is that the preparation is completely non-oily. Everywhere else deep fried fish is usually dripping with oil. Not here!
Butter Garlic Crab
Boneless Butter Garlic Crab  – Continental style boneless crab dish. Big pieces of fresh fragrant crab meat in a creamy butter and garlic sauce. Just brilliant and comforting.
Tandoori Bangda
Tandoori Bangda – I’m a big fan of Bangda or Mackerel. I was expecting only one but I was surprised by two amazing looking big whole fish. The Captain suggested Tandoori style (which I wasn’t very keen on) but I trusted him and I’m really happy I did. The fish was smoky and perfectly cooked. Minimal bones and spiciness that was just right. Eating whole fish is a very satisfying experience, as you pick out chunks of flesh between bones and you can even chew on as well as eat some of the crispy flavourful bones. I enjoy the cheeks and other flesh in the head too!
I have to mention their special chutneys. Their classic creamy sweet and spicy green chutney and the new mildly spicy coconut red chutney are extremely addictive. Perfect with every dish. They also give a complimentary plate of fresh cucumber, carrot and radish with chat masala. There can’t be a more perfect appetizer.
The prices seem slightly high at first but then you have to note, they are inclusive of taxes. Also, they have not been hiked for at least 3 years! So actually, the place is value for money especially considering the extremely high quality of the food, portion sizes, knowledgeable staff and brilliant service. 

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