The Munch Box – Food Tasting

I was invited for a food tasting by Food Prowl at The Munch Box in Kharadi. I would like to thank both Food Prowl as well as The Munch Box, for the wonderful lunch.

The Munch Box is a lovely little cafe in Kharadi near Eon IT Park. It is a fun little place, with a very well thought out artistic interior splashed with colour and brightly lit by natural light pouring through the windows. The cafe has a lot of character with beautiful wooden furniture and art pieces as well as an adorable bicycle and cart in the open air section. The dining area is clean, spacious and welcoming.


Their menu comprises of a well thought out mish-mash of Continental, Thai, Lebanese and Indian cuisine as well as a horde of delicious desserts and baked products. The cafe is owned by a brother-sister pair who are extremely passionate about their food as well as hospitality. Akshay is the talented chef and Shweta is the master baker and dessert specialist.

The Food – Beverages


Virgin Mojito – It was a perfect drink. Fresh, chilled, loaded with lime and mint. Sweetness was just right and it lasted almost the whole meal without losing flavour.


Garden Pizza – The pizza was super thin and crisp as it broke off with a satisfying crunch everytime I bit into it. It was topped with red, green and yellow bell peppers, corn, olives and jalapenos with a tangy red sauce and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. Believe me, it was divine! It was well seasoned and slightly spicy from the jalapenos. So no oregano or chilly flakes required.

Shami Kabab – The kababs were fabulous. Very fine texture and luscious. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft inside. The accompanying green chutney was fresh, minty and tasted great with the mutton kababs. A big thumbs up!


Chicken Empanadas – A crispy, savoury and hearty crust filled with a healthy dose of juicy and mildly spiced chicken filling. The empanadas were very flavourful and the dough casing needs special mention, it broke apart perfectly without crumbling and was crimped beautifully. But I wished a little more chicken filling was packed inside to prevent hollow pockets.


Cheesy Spinach Dogs – This was the perfect appetizer. It was basically a whole baguette, hollowed out and filled with a smooth and creamy filling of spinach, cheese and corn. It was then topped with cheese, garlic and coriander. It was brilliant.



Assorted Sandwich Platter – This was a trio of Mushroom Pesto Panini, Roasted Chicken in Focaccia and BBQ Chicken Burger.

The Mushroom Pesto Panini was the best of the lot. Amazing succulent mushrooms with a perfect herby pesto between two pieces of well toasted bread. I devoured it!

The Roasted Chicken in Focaccia was a very flavourful and hearty sandwich with roasted chicken and vegetables sauteed in spices.

The BBQ Chicken Burger again was amazing. A perfectly cooked BBQ chicken patty which was full of herbs, also fresh tomato, lettuce and a wonderfully toasted bun.

A lighter hand on the cheese and salt for the Chicken focaccia and burger would have been perfect, though. But a winning trio of sandwiches.


Chicken Geschnetzeltes – This Swiss dish might be a mouthful to pronounce, but it put a huge smile on my face. Two perfectly fried discs of rosti, a delectable salad and a warm, hearty and creamy white sauce with chunks of chicken. It was extremely comforting and filling. Perfect for a cold winter night. Full marks in by books! The cabbage, capsicum and tomato salad was especially nice. Well seasoned and refreshing.



After this king size meal came the dessert platter. A super quartet of sweet treats!

Pineapple, Coconut and White Chocolate Pastry – This was a luscious cake with a wonderful coconut and white chocolate flavour and just a hint of pineapple. The cake was cool and refreshing and not heavy or overly rich.

Opera – This classic French cake was sinful! Beautiful soft layers of coffee sponge, coffee cream and ganache garnished with a coffee bean. A must have for coffee lovers.

Salted Caramel Cheese cake – I have to confess, I have a weakness for cheese cakes and this one clearly hit my “cheese-spot”! It was soft, fluffy with a delicate base and topped with an incredible salted caramel sauce. All that was enthroned with a walnut within a pulled caramel stick. The cheese cake was superb with an intense flavour and the salted caramel rounded it off perfectly!

Chocolate Pastry – A crumbly baked pastry packed with a dark chocolate ganache and topped with an almond chocolate ball. Amazing!



A strong classic espresso was the perfect way to end this brilliant meal. The coffee was freshly ground, strong, smooth and just marvelous. It surely helped me keep my eyes open for the drive back home!

The Munch Box has definitely made a mark in my heart with flavour packed and hearty food. The dishes are uncomplicated and comforting with something for everybody’s palate. But what takes the cake is the dessert menu. I’m not usually crazy about desserts, but i loved The Munch Box’s creations. Very beautiful presentation, very well prepared and incredibly tasty. I know for sure I’m going back for more!

WanderDriveEat Ratings –

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Food – 4.5/5

Desserts – 5/5

Price – 4/5

Have you been to The Munch Box? Tempted to go there now? Please tell me what you think in the comments below.

Important Points to note –

  1. Portion sizes were small for us as we had gone for a tasting. Actual portion sizes are much bigger
  2. All prices at the cafe are inclusive of all taxes.

Links –

The Munch Box –

Food Prowl –

Pune Food Bloggers Guild (Facebook Page) –

Additional Photos


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