Amazing Lunch at 212 Cafe

The 212 is a lovely little all day dining cafe at Phoenix mall, Viman Nagar. It has a beautiful European style decor with colourful chairs and very classy wood interior all over. One wall is entirely covered with egg crates and the number 212 is written with green and white plastic eggs!

The kitchen is partially open to view and you can hear your food being cooked or watch it being garnished before it is served to you. Which if you’re a foodie, is awesome. There is an al fresco seating area too which is perfect for hanging out with your buddies and glugging down a few! The indoor area is great for families and dates.

We had the Express Lunch which is priced at quite a reasonable Rs. 600 and includes one mocktail, soup or salad course, main course and dessert. There are a wide array of dishes to choose from which appeal to all palates.




Asian Crunch Salad with Chicken


The salad had cabbage, carrots, lettuce and shredded chicken with a mild Asian spicy and sour dressing. It was topped with sesame seeds and deep fried noodles which added crunch to the already fresh and crunchy salad. I had expected the dressing to be punchier though. I would have loved a little more oomph of sour and sweet.

Watermelon and Goat Cheese Stack


This for me was the star of the course. The sweet and refreshing watermelon was beautifully stacked with dollops of creamy and mildly salty goat’s cheese. On the side was peppery roquette with orange slices and everything was garnished with tart balsamic and crunchy shaved almonds. This salad was extremely refreshing with the perfect combination of flavours and textures.

Tenderloin Burger


This big old bruiser really put a smile on my face. The burger was insanely tasty, presented with a steak knife stabbed into it and a leafy salad plus rosemary fries. The buffalo tenderloin patty was fresh and cooked to perfection. It was medium rare, still pink on the inside! The caramelized onions, vegetables and cheese perfectly complimented the juicy burger. The rosemary fries were brilliant!


Gangnam Style Flatbread


The name caught our eye and we’re happy it did. This flatbread, basically a really thin pizza, was just amazing. All the vegetables on the thin crust with melted bocconcini cheese and red curry spread just came together perfectly. The saute onions need special mention, they were fantastic. This is a really different but very tasty pizza.




This is a classic Italian dessert and it really earned it’s crown at the 212 cafe. Lot of places serve it but very few taste this good. It was soft and creamy on the top and wonderfully soggy and rum-y at the bottom! It didn’t have the typical ground coffee sprinkled on top, but the crumble and sauce more than made up for it!

Baked New York Cheesecake


I will say it right now – this was, hands down, the best cheese cake I’ve ever had! I love baked cheesecakes and I have been disappointed so many times. But finally I got it how I wanted it at the 212 cafe. It was perfect, cheesy and soft with a slightly hard crust on top. It was served with a very flavourful blueberry compote and a caramel sauce drizzled on the side. I loved every bite of it.

Lemon Ice Tea 

Nothing special but very refreshing. It was perfectly sweet, not too much as it is at so many places.

Strawberry Lemonade

This was quite tasty and refreshing. Fizzy and sweet with with lot of candied strawberry. Bright red in color!

The Cafe 212 was an amazing lunch experience. The quantity of food is a lot and it’s not easy for a single person to finish all the dishes, unless you’re a massive foodie that is. The service is impeccable too and the food definitely speaks for itself. The rest of the menu also looked very interesting. For the price, quality and quantity, I would definitely give Cafe 212 a big thumbs up!

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