Tata Nano 800 Spotted Testing

The Tata Nano has been rumored to be launched with a bigger 800cc 3-cylinder engine for quite sometime now. Yesterday night a test mule of this bigger engined Nano was spotted in Pune city. Apart from the engine the most obvious feature of this car was the fatter tyres on all four corners.

At least two new variants of the Nano, this 800cc version as well as a diesel one are in the works. The mule, it seems, definitely sounded like a petrol engine. But the observer said that the engine had a gruff burble like the existing twin cylinder engine rather than a 3-cylinder thrum (but the observer could be wrong). The test mule also seemed to have testing equipment stuck on the door panels.


The test mule was being driven quite fast and on spotting someone chasing the car with a camera, the test driver tried to speed away. The Nano had fatter tyres which made the car look a little more handsome and substantial. They were Michelin XM2s, about 145 section in the front and about 165s at the back. The rear bumper and wheel arches too looked beefed up.

What do you think about the Tata Nano 800? Have you spotted a mule or have some information to add? Definitely contribute in the comments below.


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