Panshet-Lavasa-Tamhini – Waterfall Trail Photologue

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The Himalayan, Sitting Proud.

There are some roads you discover that just stay in your heart forever. The Panshet-Lavasa route was one such road. It was a piece of broken rough road which no one used. I loved it. I always try to discover new roads every time I ride and I always ride alone. I have just fallen in love with the solidarity and peace it gives me. I had found out about another unmade-unused road which I wanted to ride on for a very long time – Lavasa to Tamhini ghat. The trip basically set itself up. The following was the planned route – Pune – Panshet – Lavasa – Tamhini Ghat – Chandani Chowk – Pune.

This is a photologue of my trip. Enjoy.

Pune to Panshet – A quiet early morning. Very less traffic. Lush green mountains, cool breeze and light rain. Perfect!

En Route Panshet. Beautiful roads and Breathtaking scenery.

Panshet to Lavasa – After a quick bite, I continued on my favourite road. As expected, completely free of traffic, dense forests, beautiful rice paddy fields and innumerable waterfalls and streams.  The only sounds are my Himalayan smoothly burbling along and farmers’ calls egging on their bulls who toiled away in the fields.

Rice Fields and Rain. Humongous Puddles. Himalayan likes!

The road is quite broken but much better than before. I did have couple of scary moments as the front tyre slipped slightly under me. The only times that happened was when I rode at speed through water that had slush underneath, which was impossible to see under the muddy water. But of course it was quite easy to control the bike both times and I carried on.

The Beautiful Warasgaon Lake.
Muddy Rivers.
A Breather, with the Gorgeous Backdrop of Lavasa.

Lavasa to Tamhini – After a short tea break at Lavasa, I rode towards the route I was so excited about. After about 2 km from Lavasa, you cross a bridge after which you must make a right turn to join the road. Here starts the amazing  trail. It starts off as just a half-decent tar road, then there is a section with cement surface and then it turns into serious off roading. To top it off it started raining quite heavily adding to the fun and games!

The surrounding mountains are so picturesque with waterfalls everywhere you see. At the summit of the ghat, there was sort of a minor landslide with lot of stones and mud on the road. After that the road just ends. Here the Himalayan comes into it’s own. There are steep downhill sections with mud at first and then quite sharp rocks and stones. You have to ride for the most part in first gear with engine braking while feeding the rear brake once in a while. It’s amazing fun. This goes on for some time and then things go back to being civilized.

This Right Turn is Important – Towards Tamhini
You’re Met with This View Immediately
Always Take Detours – They Are Always Fun!

Multiple Waterfalls! I Wish I Had More Zoom!

Hairpins! No Knee Down Action Here.
Mini Landslide – Bring it on!
Off-Road Action Begins!
Sharp Rocks and Incline. No Sweat!
Always Stop To Take in The View!
Yet Another Waterfall!
Almost Back to Civilization!
Beautiful Farmhouse. Why Me So Poor?
Its Pouring Down, And I Love It! Not many Views Better Than This.

Mulshi to Pune – The Lavasa-Tamhini road ends at Tamhini ghat and the ride home is on good tarmac. But this road is notorious for drunken driving, people stopping and partying in the middle of the road and general reckless behaviour. So fairly controlled and careful driving is advisable.


Tamhini Ghat – Magical as Ever!
Time For Some Tea. And Some Black and White.

This ride, though just a short 6-hour one, has been one of my best rides so far and definitely the best on my Himalayan. The bike performed flawlessly and it’s so comfortable and confidence inspiring off-road and equally so, on-road. You never feel insecure on the bike, whatever the situation.

Don’t forget to comment and let me know if you’ve done this route or ridden off the beaten path and discovered amazing places. Also coming up is a detailed review of the off-roading capabilities of the Himalayan as I tested it a few days ago. Cheers! Keep riding and keep discovering!


7 thoughts on “Panshet-Lavasa-Tamhini – Waterfall Trail Photologue

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  1. Very good pictures. Looks like you are having a great time with the Himalayan. Enjoy! and wish you a many more trails.

    It would be helpful you could mark the Lavasa – Tamhini route you took on the map and post it here

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Booooootifullllllll write up dear… though I m settled in NCR Delhi but Western Ghats is my favourite terrain on planet earth in the thick of Monsoons. I m keen to know if the taxi drivers from Pune will take Lavasa to Tamhini Ghat Road …Pls revert on this….I m planning July mud trip from Pune – Lavasa – Raigad Fort nd Beyond.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! You’re so right, the monsoons are utterly beautiful here! I’m pretty sure you will be able to hire a taxi for this route. Best to hire an SUV. Otherwise a self drive SUV would be perfect too! Cheers!


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