First Review of the Himalayan From USA

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Cycle World, an American motorcycle magazine has published their review of our beloved Royal Enfield Himalayan. You can read the post here –

Royal Enfield Himalayan – FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW.

They say – “One small bike for adventures, one giant leap for Royal Enfield.”

Cycle World tested a stock Himalayan, which was one of two delivered to Royal Enfield North America a few weeks ago for market research. Find out more about that in our earlier post – The Himalayan Has Reached North America. They tested it both on-road as well as off-road and were pretty impressed with the Indian manufacturer’s first attempt at an adventure motorcycle.

The American Magazine was quite impressed with the build quality of the Chennai built Himalayan and said that the quality is a huge leap forward compared to old Royal Enfields. They really took to the philosophy of this entry-level adventure bike with it’s simple and accessible design as well as riding characteristics. They call it the perfect adventure bike for the beginner compared to all others currently available in the American market which are quite big, heavy and over-powered.

We have to appreciate the efforts of Royal Enfield for building such an amazing machine which even appeals even to the international market. And it’s always nice to hear the international media praising an Indian designed and manufactured bike that even an average Indian like myself can own and ride.


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