The Himalayan Has Reached North America

The Royal Enfield Himalayan has reached the USA. Two photos have been posted on Royal Enfield North America‘s Instagram account, as seen below.


Royal Enfield has delivered two Himalayan’s to Royal Enfield North America’s headquarters. No details have emerged but these bikes will be used as test bikes and for publicity in the USA.

There was much deliberation when the Himalayan was launched in India that USA will get a fuel-injected version of the bike in a few months. But at the moment, these bikes sent to the North American headquarters are the same carbureted versions that we get in India, which we assume looking at the fuel petcock we see on the left side of the bike in the photos.


These Himalayans will not be road legal in the US right now, so these might not be ridden on the streets yet, but they should be tested on closed roads and off road.

Royal Enfield will also use these bike as publicity bikes to gauge the reaction of the North American public before they decide to launch it there. There has been considerable interest in the Himalayan in the US already and these photos have created quite a stir with lot of enquiries on the social media page.

It is our belief that the Himalayan will be launched quite soon in North America once it is homologated and modified for that market.

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