Le Petit Amour – A Review

A lazy Sunday afternoon. Pitter-patter of raindrops and leaves dancing to the cool breeze. Fragrance of the damp earth wafting through the air. Looks like monsoon has finally found it’s way here. Time for a lovely lunch.

After quite a wait I finally visited Le Petit Amour Patisserie & Bistro in Kothrud. The place is very quaint, cozy and welcoming with wonderfully colourful interiors. Really feels like a French bakery and bistro. My kind of place.

The menu is quite interesting too. Lot’s of delicious desserts, salads, sandwiches and mains on the menu. But I was, for quite sometime now, carrying a torch deep in my heart for their ‘Brioche French Toast’. And today was the day I would finally satiate my desires.

Brioche French Toast

Brioche French Toast – I was just blown away the moment the dish arrived! It looked so beautiful and titilating. The fluffy French toasts drenched in maple and mascarpone drizzle dusted with a crunchy chocolate soil. Banana brulee with wafer thin slivers of apple for company. And finally a wonderfully bright maroon dollop of raspberry sorbet sat proudly atop. Hats off to the technique and presentation.

After being mesmerized by how pretty the dish looked, I dug in. First bite of the French toast and my eyelids dropped and my head filled with symphony music. It’s not much more than egg-battered bread with some maple-y and creamy sauce but it just melted in my mouth. I took a small chunk of the raspberry jam and another flavour-bomb exploded! Then the banana brulee; the perfectly caramalized banana and candied sauce danced on my taste buds.

The wonderfully sweet French toast was soft and pillow-y, the chocolate soil was crunchy adding another dimension of chocolatey bitterness, the raspberry sorbet cut through with a hint of tang, the bananas and the cheesy drizzle added some creaminess and the apple turned up with a crunch of freshness.

The dish was sweet without being syrup-y, which most other French toasts are. Truth be told I am not the biggest fan of desserts. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. But this dish just left me craving for more. This dish proclaims to cynics like me, just like they say to people who don’t believe in love, that ‘you just haven’t tasted the right one yet!’

Oh yeah, I forgot, we also ordered a Roasted Mushroom Sandwich.

Roasted Mushroom Sandwich

Roasted Mushroom Sandwich – The sandwich was really tasty, with meaty roasted mushrooms, onions, cabbage and fresh salsa verde. The sandwich was filling but not too heavy and the cheese did not overpower the dish, which is good. It was served with pomme frites (just a fancy word for french fries) and a herby butter dip. The dip lacked a bit of oomph and a little tangy or pickle-y flavour would have been perfect. I am a big fan of bread and I have to say, though the bread was nice, the crust lacked a bit of crunch, which you expect of a French loaf.

I really wanted to try a lot of other tasty sounding dishes like their seafood marinara, salads and especially their special tea-smoked salmon dishes. But that’s for next time. Till then I shall curl up in my bed and cry softly into my pillow as I lustfully yearn for the Brioche French Toast.

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