Royal Enfield Recalls the Himalayan for Engine Problem

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We are getting reports that Royal Enfield is conducting a recall for the Himalayan for a minor engine part replacement. Not everyone has received a call for the same but a few owners have reported being contacted by showrooms for this recall.

A lot of owners complained of excessive ‘Tappet’ noises from the engine which was discussed previously here – Royal Enfield Himalayan – Reports of Early Problems Already Coming In. Some service centres took videos of the running engine and sent it back to the Royal Enfield factory. The company seems to have found a solution for the problem and is now slowly recalling the Himalayan for fixing the issue.

The problematic component seems to be the ‘Rocker Arm Assembly’ which caused the excessive noises which sounded like the tappets making a racket. The few owners who were recalled were told that the rocker arm and pin will be either replaced or adjusted and the overhead cam will be adjusted as well. In some cases the clutch was adjusted to solve the hard gearshifts.


After the recall the excessive engine noises have drastically reduced and owners are reporting of the engine being much smoother. The acceleration of the Himalayan too seems to have improved and has become more linear. Overall owners are very happy after the work done by Royal Enfield during the recall.

We do not know whether only owners from the first batch of the Himalayan or all current owners will be recalled. Until now not all owners from the first batch have received the call and nor have owners in all cities. May be Royal Enfield are doing a gradual or ‘soft’ recall to avoid a huge hoopla which may damage the confidence of potential owners in the new product.

But as far as we know the problem is quite minor and not all owners were experiencing it in the first place. Also it is commendable that the company is taking efforts to recall the Himalayan and fixing the issue which will improve the ridability of the bike and overall experience for the rider.

If you have been recalled by the showroom let us know your experience and share the effect it has had on the performance of your Himalayan. Also let us know what you were told was going to be done on the bike.


5 thoughts on “Royal Enfield Recalls the Himalayan for Engine Problem

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  1. I had these 3 issues Tappet noise, Engine oil leakage & Hard gearshift. Even after multiple visits to the service centre none of the issues were sorted out which gave me super frustration. Finally I wrote an email to RE from their official Forum which solved all the issues.
    Immediately in the next day I got a call from another service center manager and he has promised to fix all the issues I’m facing. He has even sent a person to pick up the bike and sorted out all the issues and delivered it in the very next day itself. Hard gears are sooo soft now, Engine oil leakage has reduced and the tappet noise as well. But I want to monitor all these issues during the long ride, probably next week I can confirm on all these issues.

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    1. Thank you for your response Mohanlal D. I’m happy to hear all your problems have been fixed now even though you had to go through a lot to get them to take the issues seriously. But it’s good to know that Royal Enfield are taking efforts that if a customer approaches them on their official forum they try to resolve the issue and give the best service they can. Cheers!


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